What Are the 2 Main Disadvantages to Solar Energy?


Of course, there are still some disadvantages when we choose to use solar energy, we definitely cannot pay attention to its advantages. Here, in this post, I would like to list two main disadvantages for you to have a reference. Hope it is useful.

The first one is that solar energy is mainly dependent on weather conditions, we use it when the weather is good. We can get enough sunlight when we use solar energy. However, a rainy day or cloudy day cannot bring us enough solar energy. 300 watt Solar panels generate no power at night and so batteries are needed for a 24 hour supply.

#1 – Dependence on the Weather

In my opinion, solar energy is a miracle that should not be understated. It’s clean, there are no moving parts and it can help to clean up our planet.

On the flip side, there are still too many disadvantages for the solar panels– on the condiiton that the sun doesn’t shine, no electricity can be gotten for us! This one of the biggest drawbacks of solar energy. The amount of power generated is hugely dependent on the strength of the sun’s rays.

If solar panels are shaded by passing clouds, power output will drop. This is one of the drawbacks compared to geothermal energy, for example, which is available all the time. However, solar still has significant advantages over fast disappearing non renewable reources.

#2 – Solar Panels Don’t Work at Night

About this opinion, we have done many tests. Although research into solar panels that work at night is ongoing, they don’t yet exist in any viable form.

On the flip side, solar panels work best in full sunshine during the four or five hours around mid-day. Power output reduces rapidly in the early morning and late evening (see power output curve below.)

If power is required at night, for an off-grid solar power system for example, then solar batteries will be required.

The additional cost of batteries to a solar installation can be up to 30% of the overall cost, which is a major disadvantage.

Even for a grid-tie system it’s not ideal, as during the night power is taken from the grid. Although the home-owner is credited for solar over-production, a few cloudy days could severely reduce the savings associated with on grid solar.

Now, i would like to share with you an effective way, and that is to install home energy storage batteries, even if connected to the grid. In this way they will always be topped up and ready to supply power at night or during an outage.