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what is peak shaving and peak shaving with battery storage

Explanation and Best Practices of Peak Shaving Solar System

To balance power supply and demand and alleviate grid pressure, utility companies continually introduce innovative rate structures to meet the needs of residential energy consumers. The common goal...

How to choose the best inverter for off grid solar system

How to choose the best inverter for off grid solar system

Off-grid solar systems are an excellent way to harness the power of the sun and gain energy independence. When setting up such a system, one of the most critical components you'll need is an invert...

paralleling inverter to create an expandable solar power system

Using Parallel Inverters to Create Expandable Solar System

Solar panels are becoming more efficient and cost-effective, making it easier for homeowners and businesses to utilize solar energy. However, as the demand for electricity increases, the scalabilit...

what will a 5000watt inverter run

Everything you wanted to know about 5000w inverter

Many guys choose to buy the 5KW Inverter to offer electricity to them. For example, they use the inverter to convert the DC to AC so that they can chagert for their application at their home, just ...


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split phase inverter

120/240V Split Phase Inverter - Detailed Explanation

The United States, Britain and Germany were the first three countries in the world to use electricity, and the United States was the first to adopt alternators and establish a 110 V grid. Some neig...

how long will a 12v battery last

2 Steps to calculate how long will a 12v battery last with inverter

How long can a 12v battery run with an inverter? This question can be approached by discussing two scenarios: with the inverter connected to the load or without the inverter connected to the load. ...

Solar batteries for inverters

The Ultimate Guide to Choose Batteries for Inverter - PowMr

Thinking of buying a storage battery? You might have heard and be confused: what exactly are AGM batteries, Gel batteries, lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries? What are the diffe...

how to install solar charge controller

How to install solar charge controller - Step by Step

In our previous article, we provided insights into choosing the appropriate type and size for a solar charge controller. In this guide, we will take you through a step-by-step installation process ...

how to choose solar charge controller

Complete Solar Charge Controller Choosing Guide - Type & Size

In the realm of solar power, the solar charge controller is a vital device. It ensures efficient energy flow between panels and batteries, protecting them from damage. The topic of this post is con...

how to add a battery to an existing solar system

How to Add a Battery to On/Off Grid Solar System

"The Global Residential Solar Energy Storage Market is predicted to attain USD 88.94 billion by the end of 2028, up from USD 15.24 billion in 2022, with a current CAGR of 34.85% throughout the fore...

solar charge controllers charging stages

Solar Charge Controller Battery Charging Stages Explained

To make the most of solar energy, it is essential to have an efficient battery charging system in place. This is where solar charge controllers come into play. Acting as guardians of the charging p...


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