Harness The Power Of The Sun

Lets You Shine Better

All in One Inverters

Also called solar inverter charger, it can charge your batteries and energize your appliances with a customizable power source priority.

A single unit suffices!
Tap into solar energy, the AC grid, a generator, or a powerful combination of all three.

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Built-In MPPT Charge Controller

Built-in MPPT solar charge controller simplifies system installation.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

DC to AC inverter producing clean, stable, and compatible pure sine wave.

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Battery Charger

AC to DC battery charger compatible with a variety of solar batteries.

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All-in-One Integration

The Hybrid Inverter is an enhanced version of the all-in-one with additional features.

Peak Shaving & Valley Filling

Realize efficient peak and valley power conversion with definable time-solt.

Split-Phase & Three-Phase

Split-Phase or Three-Phase can be achieved by single or parallel connection.

Micro Inverters

Unleash the power of each panel!

Unlike traditional inverters,
PowMr micro inverter ensures continuous power generation and independent operation of each solar panel,
eliminating the impact of failures in other panels.

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power inverter

Power Inverters

Designed to convert DC to AC power, PowMr pure sine wave technology ensures a smooth and efficient electrical output for all your needs.

Perfect for off-grid adventures, such as RVs, boats, camping trips, and more.

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