Powmr 10KW PV 900VDC AC Input 10000VA Battery 200A Hybrid Inverter Charger Compatibility With Lead Acid Battery And Lithium Battery

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    Powmr 10KW PV 900VDC AC Input 10000VA Battery 200A Hybrid Inverter Charger Compatibility With Lead Acid Battery And Lithium Battery


    This hybrid PV inverter can provide power to connected loads by utilizing PV power, utility power and battery power.

    Depending on different power situations, this hybrid inverter is designed to generate continuous power from PV solar modules (solar panels), battery, and the utility. When MPP input voltage of PV modules is within acceptable range (see specification for the details), this inverter is able to generate power to feed the grid (utility) and charge battery. This inverter is only compatible with PV module types of single crystalline and poly crystalline. Do not connect any PV array types other than these two types of PV modules to the inverter. Do not connect the positive or negative terminal of the solar panel to the ground. See Figure 1 for a simple diagram of a typical solar system with this hybrid inverter.

    Note: By following the EEG standard, every inverter sold to German area is not allowed to charge battery from Utility. The relevant function is automatically disabled by the software.

    Unpacking & Overview

    Packing List

    Before installation, please inspect the unit. Be sure that nothing inside the package is damaged. You should have received the following items inside of package:

    Product Overview

    1. PV connectors
    2. AC Grid connectors
    3. Battery connectors
    4. AC output connectors (Load connection)
    5. RS-232 communication port
    6. USB communication port
    7. Intelligent slot
    8. Grounding
    9. LCD display panel (Please check section 10 for detailed LCD operation)
    10. Operation buttons
    11. Dry contact
    12. Battery thermal sensor
    13. EPO
    14. AC circuit breaker
    15. DC Switch
    16. Relay control port
    17. Parallel communication port
    18. Current sharing port


    Selecting Mounting Location

    Consider the following points before selecting where to install:

    • Do not mount the inverter on flammable construction materials
    • Mount on a solid surface
    • This inverter can make noises during operation which may be perceived as a nuisance in a living area.
    • Install this inverter at eye level in order to allow the LCD display to be read at all times.
    • For proper air circulation to dissipate heat, allow a clearance of approx. 20 cm to the side and approx. 50 cm above and below the unit.
    • Dusty conditions on the unit may impair the performance of this inverter.
    • The ambient temperature should be between 0°C and 40°C and relative humidity should be between 5% and 85% to ensure optimal operation.
    • The recommended installation position is to be adhered to vertical.
    • For proper operation of this inverter, please use appropriate cables for grid connection.
    • The pollution degree of the inverter is PD2. Select an appropriate mounting location. Install the solar inverter in a protected area that is dry, free of excessive dust and has adequate air flow. Do NOT operate it where the temperature and humidity is beyond the specific limits. (Please check the specs for the limitations.)
    • Installation position shall not prevent access to the disconnection means.
    • This inverter is designed with IP20 for indoor applications only.
    • Regularly clean the fan filter.

    Mounting Unit

    WARNING!! Remember that this inverter is heavy! Please be carefully when lifting out from the package.

    Installation to the wall should be implemented with the proper screws. After that, the device should be bolted on securely.

    The inverter only can be used in a CLOSED ELECTRICAL OPERATING AREA. Only service person can enter into this area.



    The inverter is equipped with several communication ports and it is also equipped with a slot for alternative communication interfaces in order to communicate with a PC with corresponding software. Thisintelligent slot is suitable to install with SNMP card and Modbus card. Follow below procedure to connect communication wiring and install the software.

    Please install monitoring software in your computer. Detailed information is listed in the next chapter. After software is installed, you may initial the monitoring software and extract data through communication port.



    This display is operated by four buttons.

    NOTICE: To accurately monitor and calculate the energy generation, please calibrate the timer of this unit via software every one month. For the detailed calibration, please check the user manual of bundled software.

    LCD Information Define

    Button Definition

    NOTE: If backlight shuts off, you may activate it by pressing any button. When an error occurs, the buzzer will continuously sound. You may press any button to mute it.

    Charging Management

    This inverter can connect to battery types of sealed lead acid battery, vented battery, gel battery and lithium battery. The detail installation and maintenance explanations of the external battery pack are provided in the manufacturer’s external battery pack of manual.

    If using sealed lead acid battery, please set up the max. charging current according to below formula:

    The maximum charging current = Battery capacity (Ah) x 0.2

    For example, if you are using 300 Ah battery, then, maximum charging current is 300 x 0.2=60 (A). Please use at least 50Ah battery because the settable minimum value of charging current is 10A. If using AGM/Gel or other types of battery, please consult with installer for the details.

    Maintenance & Cleaning

    Check the following points to ensure proper operation of whole solar system at regular intervals.

    • Ensure all connectors of this inverter are cleaned all the time.
    • Before cleaning the solar panels, be sure to turn off PV DC breakers.
    • Clean the solar panels, during the cool time of the day, whenever it is visibly dirty.
    • Periodically inspect the system to make sure that all wires and supports are securely fastened in place.

    WARNING: There are no user-replaceable parts inside of the inverter. Do not attempt to service the unit yourself.

    Battery Maintenance

    • Servicing of batteries should be performed or supervised by personnel knowledgeable about batteries and the required precautions.
    • When replacing batteries, replace with the same type and number of batteries or battery packs.
    • The following precautions should be observed when working on batteries:
    1. Remove watches, rings, or other metal objects.
    2. Use tools with insulated handles.
    3. Wear rubber gloves and boots.
    4. Do not lay tools or metal parts on top of batteries.
    5. Disconnect charging source prior to connecting or disconnecting battery terminals
    6. Determine if battery is inadvertently grounded. If inadvertently grounded, remove source from ground. Contact with any part of a grounded battery can result in electrical shock. The likelihood of such shock can be reduced if such grounds are removed during installation and maintenance (applicable to equipment and remote battery supplies not having a grounded supply circuit).

    CAUTION: A battery can present a risk of electrical shock and high short-circuit current.

    CAUTION: Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. The batteries may explode.

    CAUTION: Do not open or mutilate batteries. Released electrolyte is harmful to the skin and eyes. It may be toxic.

    Product Description

    User Manual (Powmr-10KW-manual.pdf, 3,852 Kb) [Download]

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