Solar Generator Or Not

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Solar Generator Or Not?

There are have many benefits if you own have a solar generator, particularly if you live in an area power cuts and blackouts, or you are only simply environmentally conscious person.
Solar generators maybe pricey and there are additional costs that you might not be aware of.

Are Solar Generators Worth The Money?

The first question is whether the product is worth the money if you’re anything like us. To avoid buying things you don’t need; it is a good idea to do some research.
Solar generators maybe expensive depending on the model you choose, and you might be wondering if the cost justifies the use. Below we discuss the benefits and shortcoming of buying a solar generator.

Benefits of a Solar Generator

Solar Generators are Powered by Energy from the Sun. This means that solar generators are a renewable energy source. You won’t have to pay to the power and can also continue getting free energy for long time.   

Clean Energy

In addition to being renewable, the energy generated by a solar generator is clean and has no harmful effects on the environment. It’s eco-friendly and sustainable.

Low Maintenance

solar generators are generally low maintenance and cheap to maintain.

Drawbacks of Buying a Solar Generator

Limited Power Supply

Generally, solar generators are limited when it comes to how much energy they can store. It isn’t a good choice if you’re looking to power your entire house using it. 
While solar generators are great at powering small electrical appliances, it struggles with powering larger machines like air condition or fridges. Any appliances that require heat will pull a lot of power like your washing machine or water heater.

High Upfront Costs

While the operational costs of owning a solar generator are relatively low, the additional costs just like installation and labor maybe quite high. Solar generators can cost thousands of dollars and are much pricier than fossil fuel counterparts.

Slow Recharge Rate

A major downside of solar generators is that they can take some time to recharge, especially when compared to fossil fuel generators. Recharging also needs to take place during the day and can take hours.

Is a Solar Generator The Right Choice For You?

The first question you should ask yourself before purchasing a solar generator is what are you going to use it for? And can it effectively meet your needs?
If you’re looking to charge small appliances on an RV or boat, then a solar generator might be a great option for you. Solar generators are portable and are great options for camping or traveling.
However, the usability of a solar generator when it acts as a backup home power supply is quite limited. 
If you’re a homeowner looking to make use of solar power, we would suggest you look into investing in a rooftop or ground-mounted solar system that includes a home battery attachment.

How Much Does a Whole House Solar Generator Cost?

Solar-powered generators are available in a range of sizes and with varying capacities. Depending on which generator you choose to go with, the price could range from just $100 to thousands of dollars.
For low-capacity solar generators, the price fluctuates from around $100 to $500. For $100 you could buy a small solar generator that has around 5 watts and 10-amp hours. These tiny machines usually offer a few outlets, USB ports, and DC sockets.
For $500 you could afford a 15-watt solar generator system that can power small electrical devices such as tablet and laptops. This is a great option if you love camping.
If you have more wiggle-room in your budget, you might consider splurging on larger solar generators. The high-powered solar generators can range between $2,000 to $4,000.
Larger solar generators are great as a backup power source for your house (however, only if you’re planning on powering small household appliances). These machines can have a carrying capacity of 1800 to 3000 watts with a few high-end machines offering 245-amp hours.
The largest, most powerful solar generators are capable of fully powering a household or building. However, with great power comes an even greater price tag. These solar generators can cost between $10,000 to $50,000. These machines offer at least 3500-watts and a couple thousand amp hours.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Solar Generator?

Now, the amount you’ll have to pay for installation will vary depending on the capacity and size of the generator you choose as well as the brand and company you decide to go with.
Generally, larger machines will cost more to install than smaller machines.
In addition to the cost of installation, there are other costs that you’ll need to consider as well.
If you’re ordering your solar generator from an online store like Amazon, you’ll probably be required to pay shipping fees. Depending on the area you live in, you might also be required to pay for a local permit, inspection fees, and taxes.
Additional costs could also include the labor costs of installation.
So, when you ask the question of how much does a solar generator cost, the price isn’t just dependent on the machine you choose but also things like labor, installation, and all the other additional costs mentioned.
Fortunately, after the initial costs of purchasing and installing a solar generator, maintaining your machine becomes quite affordable. In addition to saving money on electricity, you’re also contributing toward a greener, cleaner world.