Solar Panels Series VS Parallel

solar panel connection series vs parallel
If you are new to solar system, then there are something you may don't know. Here, in this post, i would like to share the post "Solar panels series VS parallel". When building a solar power system, the panels array connection is the vital part that determines how many voltage and amps comes out from the panels.Now, i would like to list 3 main ways to teach you connect multiple solar panels are connecting them in series, parallel, and series-parallel. Please read carefully.

Series Connection:

While associating different boards in series, interface the positive post from one board to the negative post of the following board, etc. The voltage upsides of each solar panels are added up together, and that implies it gets a total finally. The amperage perusing won't be added up, and remain similar regardless of the number of sun powered chargers you interface in series.

E.g. 2x12V panel wired in series, the voltage up to 24V, while the amps stay as one panel amps parameter.diagram of solar panel in series connection

Parallel Connection:

While wiring boards in equal, connect the positive or negative wire from one board to the positive or negative wire of the following board, etc. In equal association technique, you interface the wires with similar sign between boards. Y branch connectors are vital for the equal associations. On the in opposition to series association, the voltage values are not added up and remain similar regardless of the number of boards you interface in equal, and the amperage upsides of each board are added up together.

E.g. 3x12V panels connected in parallel with Y branch connectors, the voltage stay at 12V, and the amps will be 3x6A=18A
Diagram of solar panel in parallel connection

Series-parallel Connection:

While associating boards in series-equal, the boards wired together in series to shape series of boards. Then, at that point, the numerous series of series-associated boards are associated with one another in equal. This strategy bring the additional up voltage of each board and leave the amperage worth of the boards something similar inside the associated series of boards, however at that point likewise including the amperage upsides of each board string in the wake of interfacing each string in equal. The amperage values from the strings would be added relying upon the number of board strings are associated in equal.

E.g. 4x12V panels connected in 2S/2P(2 parallel strings of 2 series groups), voltage 2x12v=24v, amperage 2x6A=12A
Diagram of solar panel in series-parallel connection

Fuse Installation:

We propose to introduce the circuit between the result positive finish of the sunlight powered charger and positive terminal association on charge regulator, you DO NOT have to introduce meld between each board when you interface the boards is series/equal/series-equal.

Intertwine size relies upon the current amps values, the number of sunlight-based chargers you have and how they are associated (series, equal, or series/equal).
E.g.If you have two 100W panels connected in series, each producing 5 amps, the total output 5 amps then. We usually maintain an extra value for the current, for example, 1.25 time compare the current, so a 6.25A fuse or a 10A fuse will be sufficient for a 2 panels series array.

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