PowMr 50A MPPT Solar & Generator DC Charge Controller MD1250N05

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    PowMr 50A MPPT Solar & Generator DC Charge Controller MD1250N05

    Product Overview:

    MD Series DC/DC MPPT solar charge controller is based on multi-phase synchronous rectifier technology and advanced MPPT control algorithm, adopting an all-digital intelligent design, which has fast response speed, high reliability, and high industrialized standard. Polyphase synchronous rectifier technology can ensure high conversion efficiency under any charging power, and greatly improve the energy utilization of the system; the industry-leading PowerCatcher MPPT technology realizes the maximum energy tracking of solar panels so that it can quickly and accurately track the maximum power point of solar panels in any environment and obtain the maximum energy of solar panels in real-time. 

    This Product is a DC/DC intelligent charger for a vehicle or ship system. Applied in the dual-battery system, the system integrates the respective merits of the generator's power generation and photovoltaic power generation, and a variety of charging methods are ingeniously designed and combined to effectively ensure that the power of the dual-battery system is sufficient all the time. Solar energy and generator can charge the backup battery simultaneously and can charge the backup battery independently. In addition, solar energy can charge the starting battery under specific conditions.

    Product Features:

    • PowerCatcher MPPT technology is still available for tracking the maximum power point of solar cells in a complex environment; and compared with conventional MPPT technology, PowerCatcher has a faster response speed and higher tracking efficiency, which can reach 99.9%.
    • The design of the polyphase synchronous rectifier Buck-Boost circuit makes it have high DC/DC conversion efficiency of up to 98% in both high and low power ranges
    • The backup battery supports a wide variety of batteries such as sealed, colloidal, open-type, lithium batteries, and custom batteries.
    • Support a wide variety of generators such as intelligent generators and conventional generators, and automatically identify generator types through ignition signals.
    • With a variety of charging modes, such as photovoltaic charging backup battery alone, generator charging backup battery alone, photovoltaic and generator's charging the backup battery at the same time, photovoltaic charging startup battery, and soon.
    • The function of line loss compensation of backup battery charging voltage, which makes the battery charging voltage control more accurate.
    • With a backup battery temperature sampling function, a lead-acid battery supports temperature compensation and effectively prolongs battery life.
    • With automatic derating function for high-temperature charging.
    • TTL communication can provide technical support for communication protocol to facilitate
    • users' secondary development and application.
    • Support external remote switch to control charging. 
    • Parameters can be monitored and set through mobile apps and PC monitoring and setting software.
    • A high-quality aluminum radiator and high-temperature derating processing can ensure reliable 
    • and efficient operation in each work environment.

    build mppt solar charge controller

    SN Designation SN Designation
    1 Display Screen (with backlight) 10Backup battery temperature sampling interface
    2 PV indicator 11TTL Communication Interface
    3 Generator indicator 12Positive interface of solar cell
    4 Backup battery indicator 13Positive interface of the generator (starting battery)
    5 Alarm indicator 14Negative interface of solar cell
    6 Operation key 15Negative interface of the generator (starting battery)
    7Backup battery voltage compensation interface 16Backup battery negative interface
    8Remote switch interface 17Backup battery positive interface
    9Ignition signal interface 18Grounding port
    1. The negative electrode of the solar cell, generator (starting battery), and backup battery are of common negative electrode design;
    2. See below for indicator definition, interface definition, key function, and interface description.

    Please read the specification carefully before install: MD1230N05

    Parameter Value
    Model MD1230N05 MD1250N05
    Backup Battery System Voltage 12V
    Backup Battery Voltage Range 9~16V DC
    Backup Battery Type Sealed Battery, Gel Battery, Vented Battery, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, User-defined Battery
    Rated Charging Current 30A 50A
    Maximum PV Input Voltage 55V DC
    Max. PowerPoint voltage range 17~ 36V
    Maximum PV Input Current 27A 45A
    Solar Panel Charging Mode Buck MPPT
    MPPT Efficiency > 99%
    PV input power is recommended 400W 700W
    Generator (Starter Battery) System Voltage 12/24V
    Starter Battery Type Lead-acid Battery
    Maximum Generator Input Voltage 32V DC
    Maximum Generator Input Current 35A 60A
    Generator Voltage Range Conventional Generator 13.2~16V/26.4~32V DC
    Intelligent (Euro 6 Standard) Generator 12~ 16V/24~32V DC
    Generator charging mode Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost
    Generator output power is recommended 12V Backup Battery 400W 700W
    PV charges the starter battery Charging Voltage 13.8V
    Charging Current s15A <25A
    No-load loss <0.6W
    Maximum Charging Conversion efficiency 98%
    Temperature compensation factor -3mV/ *C/2V ( Default value, the value of lead-acid batter can be set); No temperature compensation function for lithium battery
    Communication method TTL
    Protection Function Overcharging Protection, Overcurrent Protection Overtemperature Protection, Generator Reverse Connection Protection, Solar Panel Reverse Connection Protection, Backup battery Reverse connection protectin, Anti-reverse Charging Protection at night
    Operating temperature - 35C ~65°C
    Altitude ≤3000m
    Waterproof level IP32
    Product dimensions 221*175.8*82.4mm

    Solar Charge Controllers Features
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