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    • Wireless Remote Monitoring
    • MPN: WIFI-HVM-P1
    • Voltage: N/A
    • Output Type: Single
    • Colour: Black
    • Model: Wifi Module
    • Output Power: 1 - 200KW
    • Output Frequency: 50/60HZ
    • Charging Mode: MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
    • Application: Home/Garden
    • Current Rating: N/A
    • Current Type: DC
    • Current Output: N/A
    • Power: N/A
    • System Configuration: Hybrid
    • Resistance Properties: N/A
    • Brand: POWMR
    • Inverter Technology: Hybrid
    • Can Use: POW-HVM5.5K-48V-P, POW-HVM5.5K-48V
    • Type: Solar Inverter Wifi Module
    • Power Source: Solar
    • UPC: Does not apply

    Package include: 

    1*WIFI Module  +  Communication cable ( Only )

    Please Note: This Wifi Can Be Used For Our Product Only 
    Note: This link does not have Solar Inverter

    Use for POW-HVM5.5K-48V-P, POW-HVM5.5K-48V solar inverters
    Image 1 - PowMr 5500W DC48V Solar Inverter In 80A MPPT Controller PV500V Parallel AC230Voc  


    PaymentDelivery detailsTerms

    type  POW 300 POW 500
    Rated Output Power 300W 500W
    DC Input
    DC/Solar/Car Charging Port 10.8 - 23.5V 3A 10.8 - 24V 5A
    Type-C + DC Charging Port / PD100W + DC100w
    AC Output
    Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave
    Rated Output Voltage 220V. 220V
    Output Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
    Overload Capacity 340 - 360W /
    Peak Power / 1000W
    Nominal Voltage 12.8V 19.2V
    Battery Electricity 320Wh 518Wh
    Nominal Capacity 25000mAh 27000mAh
    Cycle Life 2000 times 2000 times
    Charging Current 4.8A (Recommended value); 12A MAX /
    Discharging Current 24A (Recommended value); 38A MAX /
    DC Output
    Type-C1 Output PD60W: 5V3A/9V3A/12V3A/15V3A/20V3A PD24W
    DC Output Voltage Range 12 - 14.4V /
    Type-C2 Output PD30W: 5V3A/9V3A/12V2.5A/15V3A/20V1.5A PD100W
    USB*2 Output QC18W QC18W
    DC2/DC3/Car Charger Output 12-13.95V 10A 12V 10A
    Max DC Output 168W /
    General Specification
    Charging Temperature 0℃ - 40℃ 0℃ - 40℃
    Discharging Temperature -5℃ - 40℃ -10℃ - 40℃
    Dimension 240*158*138mm 245*200*182mm
    Weight 6.5kg 6.5kg

    Brand information
    Brand :
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    Question: Can this inverter be installed on its back Horizontally? I have a perfect place for it with plenty of ventilation but it would need to be laying down 48 volt 5 Kw all in one LVM5K
    Answer: It is not suggested that you install the inverter on its back Horizontally, it will make it inconvenient for you to operate the control panel. The user manual for your reference https://powmr.com/manuals/PowM...
    Question: In this configuration it will be easily accessible. As long as there’s not an issue with the heat sinks working incorrectly or something else would cause a defect.
    Answer: Yes. You may choose the installation method according to your actual environment.
    Question: Is it possible to access the data from this wifi module directly? I have built my own solar system controlling software and would like to integrate the data from my powmr device. Cheers
    Answer: You may use the APP to monitor the data through the wifi module, but one wifi module can only monitor the data of one inverter.
    Question: So, I can't access the raw data over udp, http, socket or similar?
    Answer: This inverter model only support wifi module
    Question: That's what I am asking... Can I access the raw data that originates in the inverter from the wifi adaptor without using the app.
    Answer: Sorry, it does not work, only supports reading the data via the app.
    Question: So what protocols does the app use to read the data?
    Answer: RS232. The protocol for your reference https://docs.google.com/docume...
    Question: Hi, Since we are talking about the wifi module, I take it that the wifi module uses Modbus TCP? Also what tcp port does it utilise? Cheers

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    United States
    Where can i get a wifi module for POW-3KM-24 hybrid inverter
    which wifi module supports that?
    Administrator reply
    Hello, our service will contact u soon.
    Jason Moffitt
    United States
    Hi , Good Afternoon
    i need a wlan stick for your inverter
    1500 Watt
    Wifi-Plug Pro
    Administrator reply
    Our service will contact u soon.
    William Cruz
    United States
    wifi plugin pro-05 support POW-VM5K-III ?
    Administrator reply
    Our service will contact u soon.
    William Battle
    Dominican Republic
    Can we use this wifi module to access inverter remotly?
    Using this wifi module can I access inverter located in China from Dubai ?
    Administrator reply
    Our service will contact u soon.
    Ernest Harpster
    United States
    Wifi Module welche Software?
    PowMr DC 48V Output AC 220V 5500W Solar Inverter Charger POW-HVM5.5K-48V has no QR Code?
    Administrator reply
    Our service will contact u soon
    Franklin Patel
    United States
    Fast shipping, i will buy again from Powmr
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