PowMr Supply Growatt Wifi Module Compatibile With Growatt Off-grid Inverter Charger

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PowMr Supply Growatt Wifi Module Compatibile With Growatt Off-grid Inverter Charger


  • Brand: PowMr
  • Factory: Growatt
  • Product Model: WIFI-SPF-OFF

Growatt ShineWiFi-FQuick Installation Guideline

Step1. Connection between inverter and Shine WiFi-F module

Plug Shine WiFi-F into the WiFi/GPRS port 

Step2 . Turn on inverter and check Shine WiFi-F state

After install the Shine WiFi-F module, turn on the inverter, red LED flashing indicates the inverter and Shine WiFi-F communication is normal.

Step3.Registration and adding device

Scan the QR code below to download ShinePhone, also you search ShinePhone in iOS or Google Play Store, install it.

Note:1. Make sure you download the latest version 

2. For further information please visit server.growatt.com

1. Connect your mobile phone to the WiFi of your home  which the Shine WiFi-F module will be connected. 

1) The router name should consist with English letters  numbers, it does not support special symbols.  

2) For safety reason, please use an encrypted wireless network 

3) It does not support a public network that uses a secondary  authentication. 

4) It does not support bridge network.

2. Open ShinePhone APP, click “Register” on login page.

3.Select country and city, then click “Next” enter next page. Note: If you select a wrong country and city, the system  time maybe wrong.

4.Fill out the required information, then click "Next", it will guide you to the "Add datalogger" page.

5. Scan or input the ShineWiFi barcode and checkcode,then click "Register", it will move you to the "Set Shine Wifi-F" page.

6. Fill out the wifi network and password, then click"Configuration", after successful configuration, a note will pop up  "Configured successfully", then it will move to the "my plant" page. Note: There are 3 LEDs on Shine WiFi-F, only the blue LED flashing indicates the Shine WiFi-F module is successfully connected to the router and Growatt Shine Server.

7.If the pop up a message says "Failed", please refer to Appendix A of the troubleshooting guide to solve the problem. After that, login to your account and click the "+" sign on the right top side  of the page, and select "Datalogger list" in the appearing dialog window. Push on the datalogger's  serial number for 3 sec, until a small dialog window appears,select "Configure datalogger". It  will move to the "Set Shine Wifi-F" page,enter the home routers name and password, then click, "Set" the connection configuration process will begin.

8.After successful configuration, it will move to the plant” page, select the inverter in the device list to  inverter update information.

9.If you want to add/edit/delete/configure a datalogger, click the "+" sign on the right top side "my plant" page. There are 4 options in the dialog window when push on the datalogger's click the one you need.

1)"Add datalogger" is for adding a new Shine WiFi-F module to this account.

2)"Edit datalogger" is used to assign an alias name for your Shine WiFi-F module.

3)"Delete datalogger" is used to remove the Shine WiFi-F module from this account.

4)"Configure datalogger" is used for configuring the connection of the Shine WiFi-F module to the router

Step4. Reset Shine WiFi to Factory Settings

When you have changed your home router password, or changed toyou need to reset Shine WiFi-F to factory settings and rubber plug, and press the KEY button up, then login to your long press this  a new router, reconfigure it. Remove thefor 6 sec, until all three LEDs long light ShinePhone account, click the "+" on right top of this page, datalogger serial number to reconfigure.

Appendix A: Shine WiFi-F KEY Button Description

Please confirm the specification before install

Shine WiFi-F KEY Button Description

User Manual (Growatt-WIFI-F-manual.pdf, 2,831 Kb) [Download]

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