GEL Batteries

What is a Gel Battery?

Gel batteries are hot sale in this collection. As we all know, gel batteries are made from silica, and at the same time, they make the inside acid into the liquid. In general, gel batteries are a little similar to the old lead-acid batteries, they just add some silica to make the gel-like things. Gel batteries are widely used in many different places and they are very useful.

Bonus tip: This allows the use of gel batteries in applications with limited ventilation.

How Do Gel Batteries Work?

A gel battery, we can also call it - valve-regulated lead-acid battery. When the electrolyte is mixed with sulfuric acid and silica, it becomes a relatively static gel substance. In general, gel batteries can work for a long time, So there is no need to worry about their work.

Advantages of Gel Batteries:

Maintenance Free: Since the battery is composed of gel rather than liquid, so you need to master some maintenance skills to keep the battery working properly.

No leaks: Even if the wet battery is sealed in a plastic case, it may still leak. Gel batteries are also hermetically sealed, but with a valve that eliminates overpressure. This means that between gelling matter and removing pressure, the mixture has nowhere to go.

Install them anywhere: You can use the gel batteries almost anywhere, as they do not leak and are generally maintenance-free. This greatly increases the number of applications that gel batteries can be used for.

Minimal Risk: When solar batteries damage occurs to conventional lead-acid batteries, you may face up to a massive and dangerous cleanup (not to mention the impact on anything the battery acid might come in contact with within the process). However, Gel batteries do not leak if the case is damaged, thus reducing the risk of injury to the device and cleaning hazards.

Vibration Resistance: You will always find that more and more people are not satisfied with wet batteries about they are very susceptible to extreme vibrations and other effects. Gel batteries absorb shock and vibration, making them ideal batteries for things like quads.

No fumes:  These solar batteries are composed of a gel substance, they produce very little fumes after use. This means less need for ventilation, increasing the potential applications of gel batteries and making them easier to charge anywhere.

Anti-Discharge Death: When you choose to use a wet battery, just remember do not to over-discharge the solar battery. Or, it will never charge. However, They are not applied to gel batteries. They are solar batteries, that is to say, they can discharge more and still charge like new.

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