Powmr 3KVA 24V Output AC 220V 2400W Solar Inverter Charger HMS-3K-24V

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BrandNo Brand Lithium Battery Activation No Lithium Batteries Activation Battery Voltage24V Battery TypeFlooded Batteries, AGM Batteries, User Mode PhaseSingle Phase Inverter TypeHigh frequency Inverters AC output230Vac±5% Rated Load Power2400W Max Panel Input Volt75V-96V PV Terminal Charging Modebuild-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller Max Solar Panel Input Power1200W AC Charging Current30 Amps PV Charging Current40amps AC+PV Charging Current70Amps Wifi/Bluetooth ModuleNo Wifi/Bluetooth Module WarehouseGER Warehouse, RUS Warehouse, AUS Warehouse, USA Warehouse

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Powmr 3KVA  24V Rated Output Power 2400W Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter Charger 40A mppt Solar Charge Controller Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid Inverter


This is a multi-function inverter/charger; combining functions of inverter solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.


PV Connection (Only apply for the model with solar charger)

CAUTION: Before connecting to PV modules, please install separately a DC circuit breaker between inverter and PV modules.

WARNING! All wiring must be performed by qualified personnel.

WARNING! It's very important for system safety and efficient operation to use appropriate cable for PV module connection. To reduce the risk of injury, please use the proper recommended cable size as below.

Typical Amperage


Torque Value



1.4-1.6 Nm

PV Module Selection: (Only for the model with PWM solar charger)

When selecting proper PV modules, please be sure to consider the below requirements first:

  1. Open circuit Voltage (Voc) of PV modules does not exceed the max. PV array open-circuit voltage of the inverter.

    Rated Out Power12V24V
    Charging Current (PWM)50Amax.
    Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage55Vdc80Vdc
  2. Max. Power Voltage (Vmpp) of PV modules should be close to the best Vmp of inverter or within Vmp range to get the best performance. If one PV module can not meet this requirement, itS necessary to have several PV modules in series connection. Refer to the below table.

    ModelBest VmpVmp range

Note: * Vmp: panel max power point voltage.

The PV charging efficiency is maximized while PV system voltage is close to Best Vmp.

Maximum PV module numbers in Series: Vmpp of PV module *Xpcs = Best Vmp of Inverter or Vmp range

PV module numbers in Parallel: Max. charging current of inverter / Impp

Total PV module numbers = maximum PV module numbers in series * PV module numbers in parallel

lake HPS12V1500VA inverter as an example to select proper PV modules. After considering Voc of PV module not exceeds 55Vdc and max. Vmpp of PV module close to 15Vdc or within 15Vdc ~ 20Vdcz we can choose PV module with below specification.


  • Brand: Powmr
  • Product Name: HPS-3K-24V
  • Pune sine wave inverter
  • Configurable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers via LCD setting
  • Configurable battery charging current based on applications via LCD setting
  • Configurable AC/Solar Charger priority via LCD setting
  • Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • Overload/ Over temperature/ short circuit protection
  • Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
  • Cold start function

Basic System Architecture

The following illustration shows the basic application for this inverter/charger. It also includes following devices to have a complete running system:

  • Generator or Utility
  • PV modules (option)

Consult with your system integrator for other possible system architectures depending on your requirements. such as tube light; fan, refrigerator, and air conditioner.

This inverter can power all kinds of appliances in-home or office environments, including motor-type appliances, such as tube lights; fans, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

Product Overview(3KVA Model)


Unpacking and Inspection

Before installation, please inspect the unit. Be sure that nothing inside the package is damaged. You should have received the following items inside of the package:

  • The unit x 1
  • User manual x 1
  • Communication cable x 1
  • Software CD x 1


Before connecting all wirings, please take off the bottom cover by removing two screws as shown below.

Mounting the Unit

Consider the following points before selecting where to install:

  • Do not mount the inverter on flammable construction materials.
  • Mount on a solid surface
  • Install this inverter at eye level in order to allow the LCD display to be read at all times.
  • For proper air circulation to dissipate heat, allow a clearance of approx. 20 cm to the side and approx. 50 cm above and below the unit.
  • The ambient temperature should be between 0°C and 55°C to ensure optimal operation.
  • The recommended installation position is to adhere to the wall vertically.
  • Be sure to keep other objects and surfaces as shown in the diagram to guarantee sufficient heat dissipation and to have enough space for removing wires.


Battery Connection

Battery Connection

CAUTION: For safety operation and regulation compliance, it金 requested to install a separate DC over-current protector or disconnect device between battery and inverter. It may not be requested to have a disconnect device in some applications, however, it% still requested to have over-current protection installed. Please refer to the typical amperage in the below table as the required fuse or breaker size.

WARNING! All wiring must be performed by qualified personnel.

WARNING! It's very important for system safety and efficient operation to use appropriate cable for battery connection, lb reduces risk of injury, please use the proper recommended cable and terminal size as below.

Recommended battery cable and terminal size:


Typical Amperage

Battery capacity

Wire Size

Ring Terminal

Torque value

Cable mm2


D (mm)

L (mm)








3 Nm





1.5KVA12V /3KVA24V







22 3 Nm





Please follow the below steps to implement battery connection:

  1. Assemble battery ring terminal based on recommended battery cable and terminal size.
  2. 1.5KVA model supports 12VDC system or 24VDC, 3KVA model supports 24VDC system. Connect all battery packs as below chart. It台 suggested connecting at least lOOAh.
  3. Insert the ring terminal of the battery cable flatly into the battery connector of the inverter and make sure the bolts are tightened with a torque of 2-3 Nm. Make sure polarity at both the battery and the inverter/charge is correctly

AC Input/Output Connection

CAUTION!! Before connecting to the AC input power source, please install a separate AC breaker between the inverter and the AC input power source. This will ensure the inverter can be securely disconnected during maintenance and fully protected from over current of AC input. The recommended spec of AC breaker is 10A for.5KVA,32Afor 3KVA.

CAUTION!! There are two terminal blocks with ''IN" and ''OUT" markings. Please do NOT disconnect input and output connectors.

WARNING! All wiring must be performed by qualified personnel.

WARNING! It's very important for system safety and efficient operation to use appropriate cable for AC input connection. To reduce the risk of injury^ please use the proper recommended cable size as below.

Suggested cable requirement for AC wires



Torque Value



0.5~ 0.6 Nm


12 AWG

1.2~ 1.6 Nm

Please follow below steps to implement AC input/output connection:

  1. Before making AC input/output connection, be sure to open the DC protector or disconnector first.
  2. Remove insulation sleeve 10mm for six conductors. And shorten phase L and neutral conductor N 3 mm.
  3. Insert AC input wires according to polarities indicated on the terminal block and tighten the terminal screws. Be sure to connect PE protective conductor (@) first, k—Ground (yellow-green)

WARNING: Be sure that the AC power source is disconnected before attempting to hardwire it to the unit.

4. Then, insert AC output wires according to polarities indicated on the terminal block and tighten terminal screws. Be sure to connect PE protective conductor (®) first.

5. Make sure the wires are securely connected.

CAUTION: Important

Be sure to connect AC wires with the correct polarity. If L and N wires are connected reversely; it may cause utility short-circuited when these inverters are worked in parallel operation.

CAUTION: Appliances such as air conditioners are required at least 2^3 minutes to restart because it's required to have enough time to balance refrigerant gas inside of circuits. If a power shortage occurs and recovers in a short time, it will cause damage to your connected appliances. To prevent this kind of damage, please check the manufacturer of the air conditioner if it勺 equipped with a time-delay function before installation. Otherwise, this inverter/charger will trigger an overload fault and cut off output to protect your appliance but sometimes it still causes internal damage to the air conditioner.

Maximum Power (Pmax)


Max. PV module numbers in series 1 ■> 1&2 x 1 = 15 ~20

Max. Power Voltage Vmpp(V)


Max. Power Current Impp(A)


PV module numbers in parallel 6 » 50A/8.25A
Total PV module numbers 1x6=6

Open Circuit Voltage Voc(V)


Short Circuit Current Isc(A)


Maximum PV module numbers in Series: 1

PV module numbers in Parallel: 6

Total PV module numbers: 1x6 = 6

lake HPS12V1500VA/HPS24V3000VA inverter as an example to select proper PV module. After considering Voc of PV module not exceed 80Vdc and max. Vmpp of PV module close to 30Vdc or within 30Vdc ~40Vdc, we can choose PV module with below specification.



HMS24V1500VA HMS24V3000VA

Rated Out Power





Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage


MPPT operating voltage range



Take the 300Wp PV module as an exam pie. After considering the above two parameters, the recommended module configurations are listed in the below table.

Maximum Power (Pmax)


2pieces in serial

HMS24V1500VA /HMS24V3000VA:

2pieces in serial and 2sets in parallel

Max. Power Voltage Vmpp(V)


Max. Power Current Impp(A)


Open Circuit Voltage Voc(V)


Short Circuit Current Isc(A)


Please follow the below steps to implement PV module connection:

  1. Remove insulation sleeve 10 mm for positive and negative conductors.
  2. Check correct polarity of connection cable from PV modules and PV input connectors. Then, connect positive pole (+) of connection cable to positive pole (+) of PV input connector. Connect negative pole (-) of connection cable to negative pole (-) of PV input connector cable to negative pole (-) of PV input connector.
  3. Make sure the wires are securely connected

Final Assembly

After connecting all wirings, please put the bottom cover back by screwing two screws as shown below.

Communication Connection

Please use supplied communication cable to connect to inverter and PC. Insert bundled CD into a computer and follow the on-screen instruction to install the monitoring software. For the detailed software operation, please check the user manual of the software inside of the CD.


WARNING: This chapter contains important safety and operating instructions. Read and keep this manual for future reference.

  1. Before using the unit, read all instructions and cautionary markings on the unit, the batteries, and all appropriate sections of this manual.
  2. CAUTION -^Tb reduce the risk of injury, charge only deep-cycle lead-acid type rechargeable batteries. Other types of batteries may burst, causing personal injury and damage.
  3. Do not disassemble the unit, lake it to a qualified service center when service or repair is required. Incorrect re-assembly may result in a risk of electric shock or fire.
  4. To reduce the risk of electric shock, disconnect all wirings before attempting any maintenance or cleaning. Turning off the unit will not reduce this risk.
  5. CAUTION - Only qualified personnel can install this device with a battery.
  6. NEVER charge a frozen battery.
  7. For optimum operation of this inverter/charger; please follow the required spec to select the appropriate cable size. It@ very important to correctly operate this inverter/charger.
  8. Be very cautious when working with metal tools on or around batteries. A potential risk exists to drop a tool to spark or short circuit batteries or other electrical parts and could cause an explosion.
  9. Please strictly follow the installation procedure when you want to disconnect AC or DC terminals. Please refer to the INSTALLATION section of this manual for the details.
  10. Fuses (1 piece of 200A, 32Vdc for 1.5KVA12V and 3KVA24V) are provided as over-current protection for the battery supply.
  11. GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS -This inverter/charger should be connected to a permanently grounded wiring system. Be sure to comply with local requirements and regulations to install this inverter.
  12. NEVER cause AC output and DC input short-circuited. Do NOT connect to the mains when DC inputs short circuits.
  13. Warning!! Only qualified service persons are able to service this device. If errors still persist after following the troubleshooting table, please send this inverter/charger back to the local dealer or service center for maintenance.


Line Mode Specifications

Inverter Mode Specifications

Charge Model Specifications

General Specifications

User Manual (HPS-3K-24V.pdf, 16,984 Kb) [Download]

Brand information
Brand :
No Brand
Battery Information for inverters and controllers
Lithium Battery Activation :
  • No Lithium Batteries Activation
Battery Voltage :
  • 24V
Battery Type :
  • Flooded Batteries
  • AGM Batteries
  • User Mode
Inverter Information
Inverter Type:
  • High frequency Inverters
Load workout with Battery:
Parallel Function:
  • Single Phase
Split Phase:
AC output:
  • 230Vac±5%
Rated Load Power:
  • 2400W
Solar Panel Information for inverters
Max Panel Input Volt :
  • 75V-96V
PV Terminal Charging Mode:
  • build-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Max Solar Panel Input Power:
  • 1200W
Charging Current Information for inverters
AC Charging Current:
  • 30 Amps
PV Charging Current:
  • 40amps
AC+PV Charging Current:
  • 70Amps
Accessories information for inverters
Wifi/Bluetooth Module:
  • No Wifi/Bluetooth Module
Other Information
  • AUS Warehouse
  • GER Warehouse
  • RUS Warehouse
  • USA Warehouse
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Great service!
Verified purchase
Czech Republic
Inverter works very well, charging current from the grid is 30A as stated. Running on off grid photovoltaic system there is important that when we have lack of sun in the winter, charging from generator will be fast. Tested all features including connecting to PC, the only thing is that there should be USB output, not RS232, who use it on modern computers.... But this has been solved very easy with simple RS232 to USB converter for 2 euro. No load consumption when 230v output is on is circa 1,1A, when it is off it is only 10mA. When there is voltage on photovoltaic input, display is turned ON and it it drains from the battery 250mA until there is enough power from solar panels. Than starts charging battery from photovoltaic source. Very good product for the price, i recommend it! Fans start when photovoltaic input exceeds circa 300W or load in 230v from the battery exceeds 400W. Tested on room temperature
Verified purchase
Received. He arrived soon. I'll give you more details after I test it
Verified purchase
The product arrived on time working perfectly only taxed in R$ 700 makes quite zuada more're all OK
Verified purchase
Russian Federation
Did not twist the 2nd fan, made a mistake and did not start. Pressed it on the wing, she clicked and stood up. After that, everything worked fine. I liked the device. Not very noisy. Although the fans blow powerful. Charging from the network 30A.
Verified purchase
Russian Federation
It works as expected, the size of the compact fit into the fastness of the fives, it came quickly from the Domodedovo warehouse
AliExpress Shopper
Verified purchase
Matches the description. Running for a week. Works well.
Verified purchase
It looks good but it's missing to prove it, how long, etc I'll put up an extension when I installed it, fast transport
Verified purchase
Good product does not pay more taxes here in Brazil and absurd paid 1400 to release the product in customs
Verified purchase
Russian Federation
Delivery is fast, the work of the inverter is 5 +, only noisy fans, and they need to be deployed. Advise.
Verified purchase
Will still tested. Shipping very quickly. Feedback comes later.
Verified purchase
Fast delivery. Looks good and firmly. Unfortunately included no software but hope you will give out them downloaded from the web. Test wykonam soon. Recommend.


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