PowMr 15KW 48V 220V/380Vac three phase All In One Inverter Charger And MPPT Solar Charger Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter Charger with Parrallel funciton POW-MKS III-5K-48V-P*3

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BrandPowMr Lithium Battery Activation No Lithium Batteries Activation Battery Voltage48V Battery TypeLithium Batteries, Flooded Batteries, AGM Batteries, User Mode Inverter TypeHigh frequency Inverters Load workout with Battery Parallel Function PhaseSingle Phase, Three Phase, Parallel Single for Three Phase AC output230Vac±5%, 380Vac Rated Load Power5000W Max Panel Input Volt450V-500V PV Terminal Charging Modebuild-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller Max Solar Panel Input Power5000W AC Charging Current100 Amps PV Charging Current100amps AC+PV Charging Current100Amps Wifi/Bluetooth ModuleWifi Module(Optional)
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    PowMr 15KW 48V 220V/380Vac three-phase Inverter/Charger And MPPT Solar Charger Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter Charger with Parallel function POW-MKS III-5K-48V-P*3

    Product Description:

    The device has an integrated MPPT solar charge controller of one to two weights. It can accept the possible photovoltaic voltage, allows various photovoltaic modules to be connected, avoids the use of combiner boxes, and reduces installation costs.

    Product Features:

    • Compatible with Lithium batteries
    • Integrated high-voltage MPPT charge controller(s). 
    • Integrated AC battery charger
    • Up to 9 inverters can be connected in parallel, 3-phase or split-phase for up to 58.5 kW of synchronized AC power
    • Galvanic isolation of battery allows positive or negative grounding of the same
    • Datalogger with up to 60 days of data storage
    • Charge controller(s) function(s) even if the inverter is turned off to keep batteries fully charged
    • Functions even without an expensive battery to reduce energy consumption from the grid with minimal investment
    • Detachable display/communication unit with 6 LEDs and an intuitive LCD screen
    • High level of connectivity: BLE, USB-OTG (on-the-go), CAN Bus, RS-485, RS-232, relay for generator start
    • Integrated buzzer for error indications
    • Washable filter reduces dust buildup in the All in one inverter
    • Grid feed-in option is code-protected to avoid accidental feed-in


    This 48V inverter can be used in parallel with two different operation modes.
    1. Parallel operation in a single phase with up to 9 units. The supported maximum output power is 45KW/45KVA.
    2. Maximum nine units work together to support three-phase equipment. Seven units support one phase maximum. The supported maximum output power is 45KW/45KVA and one phase can be up to 35KW/35KVA.

    Package Listing:

    • Inverter---3pcs;
    • Clamp Sensor---3pcs;
    • Power Cable---3pcs
    • English Manual--3pcs;
    • Wifi(Optional)

    Parallel Operation in Single phase

    Please read the specification carefully before install

    Table 2 Inverter Mode Specifications



    Rated Output Power


    Output Voltage Waveform

    Pure Sine Wave

    Output Voltage Regulation


    Output Frequency

    60Hz or 50Hz

    Peak Efficiency


    Overload Protection

                               5s@≥150% load; 10s@110%~150% load

    Surge Capacity

    2* rated power for 5 seconds

    Nominal DC Input Voltage


    Cold Start Voltage


    Low DC Warning Voltage


    @ load < 20%
    @ 20% ≤ load < 50%
    @ load ≥ 50%


    Low DC Warning Return Voltage


    @ load < 20%
    @ 20% ≤ load < 50%
    @ load ≥ 50%


    Low DC Cut-off Voltage


    @ load < 20%
    @ 20% ≤ load < 50%
    @ load ≥ 50%


    High DC Recovery Voltage


    High DC Cut-off Voltage


    Brand information
    Brand :
    Battery Information for inverters and controllers
    Lithium Battery Activation :
    • No Lithium Batteries Activation
    Battery Voltage :
    • 48V
    Battery Type :
    • Lithium Batteries
    • Flooded Batteries
    • AGM Batteries
    • User Mode
    Inverter Information
    Inverter Type:
    • High frequency Inverters
    Load workout with Battery:
    Parallel Function:
    • Single Phase
    • Three Phase
    • Parallel Single for Three Phase
    Split Phase:
    AC output:
    • 230Vac±5%
    • 380Vac
    Rated Load Power:
    • 5000W
    Solar Panel Information for inverters
    Max Panel Input Volt :
    • 450V-500V
    PV Terminal Charging Mode:
    • build-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller
    Max Solar Panel Input Power:
    • 5000W
    Charging Current Information for inverters
    AC Charging Current:
    • 100 Amps
    PV Charging Current:
    • 100amps
    AC+PV Charging Current:
    • 100Amps
    Accessories information for inverters
    Wifi/Bluetooth Module:
    • Wifi Module(Optional)
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    Storm Halvorsen
    We have an off grid house where the power intake is designed for use with a 3 phase generator and a battery solar inverter system. When the generator is running, it is powering all 3 phases and all the consumers in the house gets power. BUT, when we run on batteries and a 12V to 230V invert, single phase, only 50% of the power consumers in the house gets power. Now we want to increase our battery bank and solar panels (and upgrade to 48V DC). There is no problem in getting a 8kW inverter that creates 8 kW 220V/50Hz single phase. The problem is that we need 3 phase in order to feed all the household consumers at the same time. All I can find about single to 3 phase frequency converters is that they are only designed for motors, and I have been explained that they cannot be used in the way I explain above. Why I do not know. So… Do you have equipment that can do what I ask ? The consumers are : Lights, TV, refrigerator, water pump, electric water heater etc. Water heater and water pump is on the same phase. I believe they max out at 4kW. Then we have light, refridgerator, TV coffee maker on the other phase. So 7,5 kW inverter should be good. Hope you have time to comment this.
    Administrator reply
    Hello, our service will contact u soon.
    Marcel Wills
    United States
    Do you have 3phase off grid inverter for house hold as my house have L1, L2,L3, N
    Administrator reply
    Our service will contact u soon.
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