PowMr Growatt 5000W All In One Solar Inverter Charger With Built-in MPPT 100A Solar Battery Regulator DC 48V System Output AC 220V Max PV 500V

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    BrandGrowatt Lithium Battery Activation Active Lithium Batteries Battery Voltage48V Battery TypeLifepo4 Batteries, Lithium Batteries, Flooded Batteries, Gel Batteries, Lead-acid Batteries, User Mode Parallel Function Inverter TypeHigh frequency Inverters PhaseSingle Phase, Parallel Single for Three Phase AC output230Vac±5% Rated Load Power5000W Max Panel Input Volt450V-500V PV Terminal Charging Modebuild-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller Max Solar Panel Input Power5500W AC Charging Current80 Amps PV Charging Current100amps AC+PV Charging Current100Amps Wifi/Bluetooth ModuleWifi Module(Optional) WarehouseUSA Warehouse

    PowMr Growatt 5000W Solar Inverter Charger With Built-in MPPT 100A Solar Battery Regulator DC 48V System Output AC 220V Max PV 500V

    This type will be out-of-production, the new generation: Growatt SPF 5000 ES


    This is a multifunctional off-grid solar 48V inverter, integrated with an MPPT solar charge controller, a high-frequency pure sine wave inverter, and a UPS function module in one machine, which is perfect for off grid backup power and self-consumption applications.

    The whole system also needs other devices to achieve complete running such as PV modules, generators, or utility grids. Please consult with your system integrator for other possible system architectures depending on your requirements. The WiFi / GPRS module is a plug-and-play monitoring device to be installed on the inverter. With this device, users can monitor the status of the PV system from the mobile phone or from the website anytime anywhere.


    • Brand: Powmr
    • Product Model: SPF 5000TL HVM-WPV-P
    • Rated power 5KW, power factor 1
    • MPPT ranges 120V~430V, 450Voc
    • High-frequency all in one inverter with small size and lightweight
    • Pure sine wave AC output
    • With CAN/RS485 for BMS communication
    • WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring (optional)
    • Parallel operation available (optional)

    Product Overview

    1. LCD display
    2. Status indicator
    3. Charging indicator
    4. Fault indicator
    5. Function buttons
    6. AC input
    7. WiFi/GPRS communication port
    8. USB communication port
    9. CAN communication Port
    10. RS485 communication port
    11. Dry contact
    12. PV input
    13. Power on/off switch
    14. Battery input
    15. Parallel communication ports (for parallel model)
    16. Current sharing ports (for parallel model)
    17. AC output
    18. Circuit breaker


    Unpacking And Inspection

    Before installation, please inspect the unit. Be sure that nothing inside the package is damaged. You should have received the following items in the package:

    • The unit x 1
    • User manual x 1
    • Communication cable x 1
    • Software CD x 1


    Before connecting all wiring, please take off the bottom cover by removing two screws as shown below.

    Mounting the Unit

    Consider the following points before selecting where to install:

    • Do not mount the inverter on flammable construction materials.
    • Mount on a solid surface
    • Install this inverter at eye level in order to allow the LCD display to be read at all times.
    • The ambient temperature should be between 0°C and 55°C to ensure optimal operation.
    • The recommended installation position is to adhere to the wall vertically.
    • Be sure to keep other objects and surfaces as shown in the right diagram to guarantee sufficient heat dissipation and to have enough space for removing wires.


    Install the unit by screwing three screws. It’s recommended to use M4 or M5 screws.

    Lead-acid Battery Connection

    Users can choose a proper capacity lead-acid battery with a nominal voltage at 48V for 5KVA You need to choose battery type as “AGM(default) or FLD”

    CAUTION: For safety operation and regulation compliance, it’s requested to install a separate DC over-current protector or disconnect device between battery and inverter. It may not be requested to have a disconnect device in some applications, however, it’s still requested to have over-current protection installed. Please refer to the typical amperage in the below table as the required fuse or breaker size.

    WARNING! All wiring must be performed by a qualified person.

    WARNING! It's very important for system safety and efficient operation to use appropriate cable for battery connection. To reduce the risk of injury, please use the proper recommended cable and terminal size as below

    Recommended battery cable and terminal size:

    Please follow the below steps to implement battery connection:

    1. Assemble battery ring terminal based on recommended battery cable and terminal size.
    2. Connect all battery packs as units require. It’s suggested to connect at least 100Ah capacity battery for 3KVA model and at least 200Ah capacity battery for 5KVA model.
    3. Insert the ring terminal of the battery cable flatly into the battery connector of the inverter and make sure the bolts are tightened with a torque of 2Nm. Make sure polarity at both the battery and the inverter/charge is correctly connected and ring terminals are tightly screwed to the battery terminals.

    Lithium Battery Connection

    If choosing a lithium battery for the 48V Model, you are allowed to use the lithium battery only which has been configured. There're two connectors on the lithium battery, RJ45 port of BMS, and power cable.

    Please follow the below steps to implement lithium battery connection:

    1. Assemble battery ring terminal based on recommended battery cable and terminal size (same as Lead-acid, see section Lead-acid Battery connection for details).
    2. Insert the ring terminal of the battery cable flatly into the battery connector of the inverter and make sure the bolts are tightened with a torque of 2-3Nm. Make sure polarity at both the battery and the inverter/charge is correctly connected and ring terminals are tightly screwed to the battery terminals.
    3. Connect the end of RJ45 of battery to BMS communication port of inverter
    4. The other end of RJ45 was inserted into the battery comm port.

    Note: if choosing a lithium battery, make sure to connect the BMS communication cable between the battery and the inverter. You need to choose battery type as “lithium battery”

    Target Group

    This document is intended for qualified persons and end-users. Tasks that do not require any particular qualification can also be performed by end-users. Qualified persons must have the following skills:

    • Knowledge of how an inverter works and is operated
    • Training in how to deal with the dangers and risks associated with installing and using electrical devices and installations
    • Training in the installation and commissioning of electrical devices and installations
    • Knowledge of the applicable standards and directives
    • Knowledge of and compliance with this document and all safety information

    Line Mode SpecificationsGeneral Specifications

    Inverter Mode Specifications

    Charge Mode Specifications

    General Specifications

    User Manual (SPF_5000TL_HVM-WPV_User_Manual.pdf, 4,562 Kb) [Download]

    Brand information
    Brand :
    Battery Information for inverters and controllers
    Lithium Battery Activation :
    • Active Lithium Batteries
    Battery Voltage :
    • 48V
    Battery Type :
    • Lifepo4 Batteries
    • Lithium Batteries
    • Flooded Batteries
    • Gel Batteries
    • Lead-acid Batteries
    • User Mode
    Inverter Information
    Inverter Type:
    • High frequency Inverters
    Load workout with Battery:
    Parallel Function:
    • Single Phase
    • Parallel Single for Three Phase
    Split Phase:
    AC output:
    • 230Vac±5%
    Rated Load Power:
    • 5000W
    Solar Panel Information for inverters
    Max Panel Input Volt :
    • 450V-500V
    PV Terminal Charging Mode:
    • build-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller
    Max Solar Panel Input Power:
    • 5500W
    Charging Current Information for inverters
    AC Charging Current:
    • 80 Amps
    PV Charging Current:
    • 100amps
    AC+PV Charging Current:
    • 100Amps
    Accessories information for inverters
    Wifi/Bluetooth Module:
    • Wifi Module(Optional)
    Other Information
    • USA Warehouse
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    QWill this inverter able to put out 240 vac for Central air conditioner?
    AThe 5000W solar inverter can drive the 1.5P air conditioner. Take a look at how many P's the central air conditioner has. You can connect multiple solar inverters in parallel. This solar inverter support up to 6 inverters in parallel
    QBuenas noches este inversor proporciona 2 fases de 120 voltios ? Gracias
    AEso se llama splitphase! Lo puedes hacer con un transformador step down de 240v a 120v. O un inverter 120/240v splitphase
    QWhen will the 5000W-220V-48V version be back in stock?
    AIt may be more than a week. You can consider buying this 5000W-220-48v, the same upgrade model, this is a high-voltage version, the maximum PV input voltage is up to 450V, Max.Pv Input 18A; Start-up Voltage: 100Vdc±10Vdc; so all solar panel are recommended The boards are connected in series.
    Qdo you ship to Lebanon ,i am confused since i could add this item to my card ?
    AYes, but it is out of stock now.
    QWhat is the warranty? Is it one year for all parts?
    A2 years, round-trip freight needs to be paid by yourself
    QHow can this inverter work with or without battery please can y explain more?
    ASupport battery-less mode, that is, no energy storage is needed, photovoltaic can directly supply power to the load (In the case of no battery, the electricity generated by the solar panel is inverted into the AC power required by the load. The load consumption is less than the solar panel generator can work normally… 
    QHow many 100w mono solar panels can I connect to just one 48v inverter?
    A0 pieces. But pay attention to the total open circuit voltage of solar panels not to exceed 450V. Note that the solar panels should be connected in series, because the maximum PV input current is 18A (PV to inverter). Start-up Voltage: 150Vdc±10Vdc.  Max. PV Charging Current: 80A (inverter to battery) … 
    QCan i use 12 volt batteries?
    Ano, Only support 48V battery bank or run without battery
    QWill this inverter able to run 220v central air conditioner?
    AMay not be able to operate, the power of the central air conditioner is relatively large. The maximum power of this inverter is 5000W, which can only drive 1500W (2P) air conditioners. Because the air conditioner is an inductive load, the starting power is 6 to 9 times the rated power. This peak power of 5000W inverter…
    QHi will this inverter be able to run off grid a 1 horse submergible water well pump?
    AYes, it can. Note: 5000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 220V AC (Single phase/A Hot Leg, NOT Support 110V )
    QAc input
    AAc input :230V AC
    QWhat is the ac input? is this suitable for african countries?
    AThe input is AC power, such as city power, generator Is the electricity in African countries 230V? If yes, it can be used
    QCan this inverter send power to the grid?
    ANo, this is an off-grid Solar inverter
    QAny all in ones.. if one part goes out is the entire unit useless or can the part be replaced.. another words is it modular, like a desktop computer?
    ACan replace broken parts
    QCan the system operate if there's no available utility grid or black out?
    AIf have solar panel the system can also operate, if you want to store energy or two solar inverters in parallel, you must connect a 48V battery pack. This is a wide voltage inverter. The input solar panel voltage must be at least 150V to start the inverter, so your solar panels must be connected in series
    Qwill this inverter power a 220 volt hot water heater with 4500 watt elements?
    Ayes,it can
    QHow many 100ah lithium batteries can i connect to this? How many 400 watt solar pannels will it take?
    AAt least 200AH. Up to 15 400W solar panels can be connected in series. But it should be noted that the total current of the solar panel cannot be greater than 18A. Max.PV Power: 6000W, … 
    QCan this inverter serve as a ups to charge a single 48v/100ah lifepo4 battery as an emergency power backup for residential application?
    ASimilar functions, if connected to the battery, it can be used as a UPS. The inverter converts the electricity from the mains/solar power to the load. If the battery is connected, it can also charge the battery; when the mains or solar power is interrupted, the inverter can switch to using the battery. The DC power is …
    QCan this run my washer and dryer
    ABecause washing machines and dryers are inductive loads, the instantaneous power of starting is as high as 6-7 times. Therefore, we need you to provide the nameplate information of the washing machine and dryer, so that we can judge whether the solar inverter can drive your washing machine and dryer. Surge Capacity700

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    Ronald Gonzalez
    United States
    Hi. I ran the positive wire on the battery to the negative terminal on the growatt. Do you think the fuse blew as when we switch it on now that it's wired correctly, it starts for a second then dies.
    Administrator reply
    Our service will contact u soon.
    Mario Jones
    United States
    I am looking at changing the fuse on the Growatt 5000W Solar Inverter but I'm having trouble locating where the fuse connects to the inverter, could you help? Is there a diagram showing where it connects? Unable to find anything online.
    Administrator reply
    Our service will contact u soon.
    Kenya Brown
    United States
    growatt 5000w solar inverter ac input have two 110 v for a 220 total ac input? and the same for AC output? plus does the external generator B/U need to be 220volt input?
    Administrator reply
    Our service staff will contact u soon
    Jason Blackburn
    Verified purchase
    United States
    Recommend the product is this shop, congratulations for the service.
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