Types And Selection of Vehicle Power Inverters

Types and selection of vehicle power inverters

Vehicle power supply, also called power inverter, is a kind of convenient power inverter that can convert DC12V direct current into AC220V alternating current which is the same as mains power, which is used for general household electrical appliances. The vehicle power supply is generally powered by a car battery or a cigarette lighter. First, such a low-voltage DC power is converted into a DC power of about 265V; then in the real transformation stage, it converts the high-voltage DC power into a 220V, 50Hz AC power. With the car power inverter, when you go out camping, you can move all the small appliances at home to the car, such as mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, car refrigerators, video cameras, DVDs, etc. There is a feeling of being at home in the car. If you want to buy an inverter, you can go to the PowMr store to buy it, the quality is good and the price is cheap.

Types of Vehicle Power Inverters

The inverter is a kind of AC220V alternating current that can convert DC12V or 24V direct current into the same mains power, which is used for general electrical appliances. It is a convenient power inverter and is named after it is often used in automobiles. The DC inverter power supply usually converts the 12VDC or 24VDC of the car battery into 48VDC and other DC power for the electrical equipment on the car.
The inverter is divided into a square wave inverter, modified wave inverter (a kind of square wave inverter), and sine wave inverter according to the output waveform. The square wave inverter is the most common and popular inverter in the market. This type of inverter has poor inverter output. The noise of the electrical appliances using this type of inverter is relatively large. Strictly speaking, this type of inverter will have an impact on the service life of the electrical appliance, but the cost of this type of inverter is relatively low, and it is relatively common in the market.
A corrected wave inverter is a kind of square wave inverter, and its inverter output effect is better than that of a square wave inverter. The market share of such inverters is also relatively large, mainly for the automotive inverter industry A big brand to promote sales. The structure of the sine wave inverter is complex, its production cost is relatively high, and the market share is still relatively small, but the quality of the sine wave inverter is stable, and the inverter output is the same as the mains connection. It is widely used in the industrial field, of wind power generation. , The use of solar power generation is relatively popular.
The vehicle inverter has multiple intelligent protections and perfect EMC design; the product can convert the DC power provided by the vehicle storage level into AC power, and can be used for mobile phones, notebook computers, digital cameras, cameras, lighting, and various AC power is provided for tourism, camping, medical emergency, and other equipment.
The onboard DC/DC converter is a new type of high-frequency switching power supply specially developed for the electronic control system of new energy vehicles. Battery charging, the product has a small size and weight
Light, high efficiency, high reliability, and so on.

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