Are Solar Panels Waterproof?

People need to buy and use solar panels in their daily life so that they can save up much electricity and bring many conveniences. Especially for these people who live in remote areas. At this time, they may want to know whether their solar panels are waterproof. Here in this post, I would like to tell you a precise answer so that you can make a decision whether you need it. 

However, there is unlucky news is that the water may destroy your solar panel because the material of solar panels is not waterproof. Not to mention the rain, a drop of water can bring much harm to your solar panel. 

But please don't feel disappointed, because for many 240w solar panel, they are still waterproof, because more and more manufacturers start to add the waterproof layer for their solar panels, so there is still a wide range of solar panels that are waterproof. making it resistant to water, dust, and environmental damage. 

Solan panels are a handy tool every campaigner carries with them while traveling in a remote area. It provides an energy source for electronics, gadgets, cell phones, and equipment. The design of the solar panel makes it compact. You can carry the large-size product in the backpack easily. The modern solar panels are made of high efficient material that can capture more energy from the solar rays.

Do All Solar Panels Come with Waterproof Covering?

The answer is no. The users are given options to choose from waterproof and non-waterproof solar panels, depending on their needs. You will experience a significant price difference in both solar panels. The waterproof solar panels are a little costly and may not suit your budget.

In general, the purpose of solar panels is to protect the solar panels from wet. The idea of a waterproof solar panel is to protect it from rain or water splash. People who go camping in the forest, near the river in the rainy season, would require a waterproof solar panel.

Solar Panels Component 

You may make your solar panels get wet even if you take care of solar panels well. For example, if you sleep at night, the solar panels may get wet if it rains.

And plus, there is one fact you should know before buying a solar panel. Your solar panel may still get wet when they get wet.

The water can go inside and damage the components. For instance, the charging port which conducts the solar energy from the output terminal would require an open case. The charging controller is necessary for charging your equipment; hence there will be a vulnerability in the mechanism.

The probability of the water entering into the panel is significantly less in the waterproof solar panel, but you cannot rely on it entirely.

It is advisable to protect your solar panel from the water even if it is waterproof. Avoid using it in the rainy season or deep water. The waterproof solar panel can protect the equipment to some extent, but it lacks 100% safety.

However, some manufacturers are offering portal solar panels with 100% waterproofing technology.

You can even use these solar panels underwater at a certain depth. These innovative solar panels are a great choice if you want a product that would not bother you while using it. 

How Do Solar Panels Perform in Extreme Weather Conditions?

The solar panels are manufactured using materials that protect the equipment from the high temperature. Highly durable fabric is utilized to protect the component in the -40°C to 90°C temperature.

An efficient and toughest glass panel is used on the surface to catch the sun rays and direct it to the solar panel.

The solar panels’ top surface is covered with a water-resistant material, which gives it waterproofing ability. The covering is specially designed using various materials for the panel.

In fact, all the materials used in solar panel manufacturing are tested in the laboratory for high temperature, cold, water, and accidental impact. The rigorous testing and effective use of science make the solar panel a useful tool.

On the flip side, you can comfortably place the solar panel under direct sunlight to charge the batteries. 

Please just remember: Not all the solar panel charging controller are waterproof; hence, you avoid them in the rainy season. Keep the charging controller in the well ventilated, dry space. 

Cleaning the solar panel is very simple. What you need to do is just use the cloth to wipe out the dust particles or water droplets dwelling on the board.

Can Solar Panels Resist Rainwater?

Becasue the solar panel’s primary job is to provide clean energy in remote areas, solar panels are generally used in open space under direct sunlight. It must be manufactured to endure environmental damage.

Water-resistance is an essential part of any solar panel design. The probability of the solar panel getting wet during the use is high when carrying the product with you in remote areas such as rain forests, riverside camping, mountain climbing, or a road travel journey. Thus, solar panels are made to resist Rainwater. 

Each solar panel design undergoes the lab test before it is manufactured and make available for sale. The experts test the panel component creating a severe condition in the lab.

Why Do You Need to Know about Waterproof solar panels?

Waterproof solar panels are becoming more and more popular and hot sale because many people want to use the waterproof solar panels. We cannot avoid this phenom because rain is a natural phenomenon that may occur anytime during your travel. You may not like to stop your journey due to non-accessibility to your essential gadgets in such a condition.

The solar panel manufacturer understands the challenges one can face in the rainy season; hence, producing the panel that performs perfectly and generates solar energy even in the rainy season is imperative. 

The frames on the solar panel are made of water-resistant coating glass panels. The water droplets, dust particles move away from the board, and It doesn’t stick to the surface.


As we mentioned above, you have known that not all solar panels are waterproof, so you need to know this point when you need to buy the solar panels. You need to double-check the feature of waterproof in case you waste your money. And still, there are still a few manufacturers that offer he the waterproof layer to protect their solar panels from water. If you don't understand, then you had better ask the service to know more.

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