PowMr was establised in 2016.We deal in these following prouducts: Batteries;Battery chargers;Connections for electric lines;Converters for electric plugs;Electric cables;Electric cables,wires,conductors and connection fittings therefor;Electric contacts;Electric wires;Electrical connectors;Electrical plugs and sockets;Inverters;Photovoltaic cells;Solar batteries;Solar panels for the production of electricity;Wire connectors.

We are a team with 4 years history,aspiring to be the leader of PV industrial.We offer good quality and faith service as the purpose .

In previous 4 years,we sold other companies’ products ,but customers' demand were not satisfied,so we started our own business In 2013. After analysing customers' different needs,we develop new controllers by cooperating with factories.So far,we have launched 6 different kinds of controllers,such as S series solar charge controller and G series solar charge controller which are very popular after coming to market.For protecting the patent of our products,in year 2016 we registered our brand in America,name as PowMr.we ran our own stores on Amazon in year 2017.

We will continue to provide high-quality controllers and equipment. If you have any suggestions,please contact to Email:support@powmr.com.