EPever 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Tracer10415AN Tracer10420AN

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MPPT 100A Solar Charge Controller Max PV Input 150V MPPT 100A Solar Charge Controller Max PV Input 200V

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BrandEPever Lithium Battery Activation Active Lithium Batteries Battery Voltage12V, 24V, 36V, 48V Battery TypeLifepo4 Batteries, Lithium Batteries, Flooded Batteries, Gel Batteries, Lead-acid Batteries, AGM Batteries, User Mode Solar Panel Max Input Voltage150V Solar Panel Max Input Power3000W-5000W Ground TypeNetagive Ground Charging Current100 Amps WarehouseUSA Warehouse, GER Warehouse

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Tracer MPPT + Remote Meter
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EPever 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 150V 200V Max PV Input 12V 24V 36V 48V Auto Solar Regulator LCD Display Tracer10415AN Tracer10420AN EPsolar


  • Product Brand: Powmr
  • Product Model: Tracer10415AN
  • CE certfication(LVD EN/IEC62109,EMC EN61000-6-1/3)High quality & low failure rate components of ST and Infineon to ensure the product’s life
  • Advanced MPPT technology & ultra-fast tracking speed is up to 99.5% guaranteed
  • Maximum DC/DC transfer efficiency is as high as 98.7%
  • Advanced MPPT control algorithm will minimize the MPP loss rate and loss time
  • The accuracy of the recognition and tracking at the highest point of multiple-peaks MPP
  • The wider range of MPP operating voltage
  • Auto control system to limit the charging power & current go over the rated value
  • Support 4 charging options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User
  • Battery temperature compensation function
  • Real-time energy recording and statistical function
  • Automatic over-temperature power reduction function
  • Hundred percent full load operation in working environment temperature range within charging & discharging
  • Support up to 8 units in parallel to expand system
  • Load relay control external load switch signal to realize diversified load work modes
  • The first and the second disconnection of load control, contain two relay’s contact
  • Auto-control of utility and generator relay design
  • Utility or generator auto-control relays make it easy to compose the hybrid power system
  • The remote temperature and the voltage sensor design will collect accurate data of battery temperature and voltage
  • Isolated RS-485 with 5VDC/200mA to protect output for no power devices with MODBUS protocol
  • To monitor or set the parameters by using the phone Apps or PC software

Electronic protections:

  • PV over current/power protection
  • PV short circuit protection
  • PV reverse polarity protection
  • Night reverse charging protection
  • Battery over voltage protection
  • Battery over discharge protection
  • Battery over heating protection
  • Controller over heating protection
  • TVS high voltage transients protection


Rated charge current: 100A

Rated discharge current: 100A

Battery input voltage range: 8-68V

Max. PV open circuit voltage: 150V

Rated charge power: 1250W(12V);2500W(24V);3750W(36V);5000W(48V)

Self-consumption: 98mA/12V;60mA/24V;50mA/36V;46mA/48V

Temperature compensate coefficient: -3mV/℃/2V(Default)

Dimension: 394×242×143mm

Power terminals: 2AWG(35mm²)

Net weight:7.4kg

Enclosure: IP20

Please confirm the specification before install

User Manual--- (EPever_Tracer-AN_50-100A__User_Manual.pdf, 1,189 Kb) [Download]

Brand information
Brand :
Battery Information for inverters and controllers
Lithium Battery Activation :
  • Active Lithium Batteries
Battery Voltage :
  • 12V
  • 24V
  • 36V
  • 48V
Battery Type :
  • Lifepo4 Batteries
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Flooded Batteries
  • Gel Batteries
  • Lead-acid Batteries
  • AGM Batteries
  • User Mode
Solar Charge Controllers Features
Charging Current:
  • 100 Amps
Ground Type:
  • Netagive Ground
Solar Panel Max Input Power:
  • 3000W-5000W
Solar Panel Max Input Voltage:
  • 150V
Other Information
  • GER Warehouse
  • USA Warehouse
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Homar Velazquez
United States
I like the simplicity of this device.
What I dislike is that Boost and Equalizing time are limited to 180 minutes only.
Is powerful and very reliable. It worth the money

United States
Very reliable and productive
Mine is the 200VDC/100AMP one and is connected to a 4-parrellel strings of 4 series 72 cell panels. 295wp/cell each. I've put 1.6megawatt through it. the battery voltages are easy to setup for lithium batteries. the RS485 assesories allows me to save the data to PC with the eLOG01 box (sold separately.) The heat sink does get warm when its sunny so I have it mounted to a steel backing plate, fans would help. the MT50 readout is great for monitering.there is not really a good way to read data out into a web-based remote app. the Bluetooth and wifi are only good for nearby communication. otherwise this is a great item. I'll be buying another when I expand my system.
United States
works great..
i have 5 200 wat solar panels on top of my garage with #10 100 amp sealed amg battery's,, this 100 amp ep ever pro mppt charge controller seems great we live in the north so i have two heat the cabinet two 60 two keep the battery's warm,,,, seems good,, i cant wait two use the power
United States
That is performs like it was described
This is nice, I'm extremely happy with this item. It works great.
United States
2 Years running and it works perfect.
I have had this installed on a 1k solar array that feeds power to an off grid/on grid work shop. It power all my LED lights and chargers off 2 deep cycle battery's. I would by again and it works perfect. I did get the software to work on a laptop back in 2019 and it was crappy. Unless they updated it do not buy this thinking the software is amazing because it was hard to set up and kind of useless once I did. But the 100 amp unit is rock solid. I never even think about it..... the thing just works. And that's how i like it.
Verified purchase
United States
Mppt controller is a 10415AN
Item was described as 10420AN which can handle 200 Voc / 180Voc at 25 degC from panels. However I received 2x 10415AN which can handle 150Voc / 138 V at 25 degC. I will have to review my connection arrangement because of that. I see that the seller updated most of the decription text. Other than that, controllers look very good. If they work like as expected the 5th star will be added.
Verified purchase
Super bon régulateur
Super bon produit,J’en avais un 40 Amps et il m’a été très profitable
Et j’ai rajouter des panneaux solaires donc j’ai besoin de plus de puissance, J’ai opter pour le EPEVER 100 amps
Verified purchase
United States
Outstanding MPPP charger !!
This product is outstanding in its operation I’ve had it installed since April working flawlessly During the day if I draw current The charger automatically compensate. I have had two other MPPT chargers that did not perform anywhere near this one does. I have 2100 W and 70 volts going into it . There’s days that will produce 95 to 98 A to the batteries
Daniel Gowen
Verified purchase
United States
Needs full base system controls, and/or Apple MacBook software and iPhone app support!!!
Excellent solar controller, but needs full base system controls, and/or Apple MacBook software and iPhone app support!!! The screw on the bracket that secures the wires stripped, and needs to be more durable. The Manuel needs to describe the DC wire insertion is to turn counter-clockwise to open, the clock-wise to secure wires. The clock needs 12hr AM/PM option. The meter wire port needs to be labeled as left, right, or that both (either) is operational. The battery default settings need more options for various battery types, like 12Volt Interstate Batteries says the highest recommended charge is 14.1, but the over volt disconnect is 16volt, which is too high, unless I misunderstand the function. The battery temp wire needs to be offered in various lengths, my RV battery bank to controller is 35ft, so I hade to purchase warehouse wire to splice, which may now give inaccurate readings. The Manuel needs to describe where on the battery to place the sensor, like the near the positive pole on the inner most battery. A more accurate temperature sensor is needed to monitor every battery in the battery bank to prevent fire hazards. The mounting screws do not screw into the provided plastic mounts, and both are to weak for the heavy weight in a traveling RV.
Richard Foreshee
Verified purchase
United States
Best I have seen an used little model upgrades could be best on market.
Screws will hold 6 gauge wire. Needes the wire clamps to be separate pieces so two size input out put wires could be used. Maybe a allen screw instead of Phillips scew. I get almost 100 amp output from 6 400 watt panels. Doesn't seem to get really hot. I have 4 now in use an all work great.

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