10000 Watt 48 Volt Solar Premium Kit

Sale price$12,999.00 USD
Suitable for daily power consumption battery storage : 9.6KWH
Allowable max loads power : 10000W

What is included:
460 Watt Mono Half-cut Solar Panels  24pcs
10KW 110/240Vac 48Vdc Hybird Inverter  1pcs
Powerwall 200AH 48V Lithium Battery  2pcs
Solar Panel Wooden Box Packing  1pcs
PV Tools & Cable  1set


10KW 110/240Vac 48Vdc Hybird Inverter

Rated Power: 10KW
Max Charge Current: 200A
AC Output: 110/120V
Max PV Voltage: 500V
DC Input: 48V
Max PV Input Power: 11KW
Peak Power: 20000VA With BMS function

460 Watt Mono Half-cut Solar Panel

Vmp: 34.2V
Voc: 41.04V
Imp: 13.16A
Isc: 13.95
Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Strong anti-cracking advantage
15 years product warranty

Powerwall 200AH 48V Lithium Battery

Capacity: 200AH 9.6KWH
Standard Voltage: 48VDC
Surge Charging Voltage 58V
Max Charging Current: 100A
Max Discharging Current: 100A
Communication Mode: RS485/CAN
Cycle Life: 6000 Times @80%DOD

Why Choose PowMr


PowMr offers a variety of pre-engineered solar systems, each designed to meet a customer's specific needs. No matter how much power off-grid power system customers plan to install, PowMr can meet your needs.

Advanced BMS

The state of the art BMS made of our customiszed batteries, inverters, and controllers which maximizing the system performance, plus the intelligent variable speed fan to efficiently dissipate heat which giving the system a long service time.

Stable & Reliable

Reliable lithium battery solution, stylish design, long service life, small size, more suitable for home solar power supply system. With the suspension desigh, it can be perfectly fit into you house.


We care about delivering the right results for our customers. PowMr solar products are second to none. The solar systems come with a 2-year warranty on the inverter, 5 years on the battery and 15 years on the solar panels.