PowMr 5500W All In One Solar Inverter Charger With MPPT 80A Solar Controller Battery Regulator DC 48V Inverter System Output AC 220V Max Input PV 500V Work Without Battery And Parallel 9 Unit Function WIFI

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BrandPowMr Lithium Battery Activation No Lithium Batteries Activation Battery Voltage48V Battery TypeLithium Batteries, Flooded Batteries, AGM Batteries Inverter TypeHigh frequency Inverters Load workout with Battery Parallel Function PhaseSingle Phase, Parallel Single for Three Phase AC output230Vac±5% Rated Load Power5500W Max Panel Input Volt450V-500V PV Terminal Charging Modebuild-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller Max Solar Panel Input Power5500W AC Charging Current80 Amps PV Charging Current80amps AC+PV Charging Current80Amps Wifi/Bluetooth ModuleWifi Module(Optional)
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5500W Hybrid Inverter 48V

PowMr 48V DC to 220V-230V AC 5.5KW Solar Inverter+80Amp MPPT Charge Controller

This is a multi-function 48 Volt inverter charger, combining functions of inverter, MPPT solar charger, and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operations such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.


  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • All In One Inverter running without battery
  • Built-in MPPT solar controller
  • Configurable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers via LCD setting
  • Configurable battery charging current based on applications via LCD setting
  • Configurable AC/Solar Charger priority via LCD setting
  • Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • Overload/ Over temperature/ short circuit protection
  • Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
  • Cold start function

Package including:

  • The Solar inverter x 1
  • User manual(English) x 1
  • Communication cable x 1
  • Parallel communication cable x 1

Reminder: Only for US users 

1. In the mains bypass mode, the device cannot be connected to two-phase 220V AC power, that is, L1-L2 cannot be connected to L-N.
2. In inverter mode, after the device is connected to two-phase 220V, please do not select the mains priority as the output priority, so as to avoid potential safety hazards for the device.
3. Do not connect the AC output end of the device to an autotransformer, so as not to affect the normal service life of the device.

Basic System Architecture

The following illustration shows the basic application for this inverter/charger. It also includes the following devices to 
have a complete running system:
Generator or Utility.
PV modules (option)
Consult with your system integrator for other possible system architectures depending on your requirements.
This inverter can power all kinds of appliances in-home or office environment, including motor-type appliances such as tube lights, fans, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

inverter install

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Installation steps

  1. Mount on a solid surface
  2. Install this inverter at eye level in order to allow the LCD display to be read at all times.
  3. The ambient temperature should be between 0°C and 55°C to ensure optimal operation.
  4. The recommended installation position is to be adhered to the wall vertically.
  5. Be sure to keep other objects and surfaces as shown (20CM left and right, 50CM up and down) sufficient heat dissipation and to have enough space for removing wires.


This is a multi-function inverter/charger, combining functions of inverter, MPPT solar charger and battery charger to offer

uninterruptible power support with portable size. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.The most important thing is to have a unique parallel function! ! ! !


  • Before installation, please inspect the unit. Be sure that nothing inside the package is damaged. You should have received the following items inside of package:
  1. The unit x 1
  2. User manual x 1
  3. Communication cable x 1

Five inverters in parallel

Parallel function

Multiple inverters in parallel

This inverter has a parallel function, which can be Two inverters in parallel; Three inverters in parallel; Four inverters in parallel; Five inverters in parallel; Six inverters in parallel; Seven inverters in parallel.... Up to nine inverters can be paralleled

Night inverters in parallel:

Night inverters in parallel


For parallel model installation and operation, please check the parallel installation guide for the details.

Support 3-phase equipment

Support 3-phase equipment

Inverter parallel &two different operation modes.

  1. Parallel operation in single phase with up to 9 units. The supported maximum output power is 45KW/45KVA.
  2. Maximum nine units work together to support three-phase equipment. Seven units support onephase maximum. The supported maximum output power is 45KW/45KVA and one phase can be up to 35KW/35KVA.


  • If this unit is bundled with share current cable and parallel cable, this inverter is default supported parallel operation.
  • Do not connect the current sharing cable between the inverters which are in different phases. Otherwise, it may damage the inverters.

Line Mode Specifications
INVERTER MODEL POW-HVM5.5K-48V-P (Parallel 9 unit)
Input Voltage Waveform Sinusoidal (utility or generator)
Nominal Input Voltage 230Vac
Low Loss Voltage 170Vac±7V (UPS) 90Vac±7V (Appliances)
Low Loss Return Voltage 180Vac±7V (UPS);
100Vac±7V (Appliances)
High Loss Voltage 280Vac±7V
High Loss Return Voltage 270Vac±7V
Max AC Input Voltage 300Vac
Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz (Auto detection)
Low Loss Frequency 40±1Hz
Low Loss Return Frequency 42±1Hz
High Loss Frequency 65±1Hz
High Loss Return Frequency 63±1Hz
Output Short Circuit Protection Line mode: Circuit Breaker Battery mode: Electronic Circuits
Efficiency (Line Mode) >95% ( Rated R load, battery full charged )
Transfer Time 10ms typical (UPS); 20ms typical (Appliances)
Inverter Mode Specifications
Rated Output Power 5.5KVA/5.5KW
Output Voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage Regulation 230Vac±5%
Output Frequency 60Hz or 50Hz
Peak Efficiency 94%
Overload Protection 5s@>140% load; 10s@100%~140% load
Surge Capacity
Nominal DC Input Voltage 48Vdc
Cold Start Voltage 46.0Vdc
Low DC Warning Voltage
@ load < 20% 44.0Vdc
@ 20% < load < 50% 42.8Vdc
@ load > 50% 40.4Vdc
Low DC Warning Return Voltage
@ load < 20% 46.0Vdc
@ 20% < load < 50% 44.8Vdc
@ load > 50% 42.4Vdc
Low DC Cut-off Voltage
@ load < 20% 42.0Vdc
@ 20% < load < 50% 40.8Vdc
@ load > 50% 38.4Vdc
Charge Mode Specifications
Utility Charging Mode
AC Charging Current (Max) 80Amp  (@ VI/P=230Vac)
Bulk Charging Voltage
Flooded Battery 58.4Vdc
AGM / Gel Battery 56.4Vdc
Floating Charging Voltage 54Vdc
Overcharge Protection 63Vdc
Charging Algorithm
Solar Input
Rated Power 5500W
Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 500VDC
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range 120-450VDC
Max. Input Current 18A
General Specifications
Safety Certification CE
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 55°C
Storage temperature -15°C to 60°C
Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)
Dimension (D*W*H), mm 448x295x105 
Net Weight, kg 9.9

User Manual (Uer_Manual_POWMR.pdf, 4,534 Kb) [Download]

Brand information
Brand :
Battery Information for inverters and controllers
Lithium Battery Activation :
  • No Lithium Batteries Activation
Battery Voltage :
  • 48V
Battery Type :
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Flooded Batteries
  • AGM Batteries
Inverter Information
Inverter Type:
  • High frequency Inverters
Load workout with Battery:
Parallel Function:
  • Single Phase
  • Parallel Single for Three Phase
Split Phase:
AC output:
  • 230Vac±5%
Rated Load Power:
  • 5500W
Solar Panel Information for inverters
Max Panel Input Volt :
  • 450V-500V
PV Terminal Charging Mode:
  • build-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Max Solar Panel Input Power:
  • 5500W
Charging Current Information for inverters
AC Charging Current:
  • 80 Amps
PV Charging Current:
  • 80amps
AC+PV Charging Current:
  • 80Amps
Accessories information for inverters
Wifi/Bluetooth Module:
  • Wifi Module(Optional)
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Kenneth Miller
United States
Can I connect the N from AC Input with the N from the AC Output?
Administrator reply
No, you can not connect the N from AC Input with the N from the AC Output
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