5kW Solar Setup with four 12V 100Ah Batteries and Twelve 315W Panels in the US

5KW 110v solar system

Project Details

This efficient solar setup was designed by Mark Anderson Sr. from the USA. It utilizes twelve 315W panels, each operating at 40V and 10A. He configured two sets of six panels in series, then connected them in parallel to achieve 240VDC and 21A. This powers a POW-SunSmart SP5K inverter. Additionally, four LiFePO4 12VDC 100Ah batteries are connected in series to provide a stable 48VDC. Mark reports that the system is performing excellently.

Product Features

POW-SunSmart SP5K: Supports for up to 6 units in parallel, split phase capability, and BMS communication. This enables users to expand their solar systems seamlessly while ensuring efficient power distribution and communication with battery management systems (BMS).

Mark Anderson expertly utilized both series and parallel connections in his solar setup. Why did he choose this approach, and what are the benefits? Uncover the secrets to optimizing your solar system by gaining insights into series and parallel panel wiring. Explore the debate between series and parallel configurations to find the ideal setup for your energy requirements.

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