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What is the role of the RV inverter?
The RV inverter powers your recreational vehicle, taking 12 volts DC from the RV battery and electronically changing it to 120 volts AC. An inverter is a small tool that sits between the battery and the load and is a conversion tool. It converts the direct current (DC) of the battery into alternating current (AC) that your appliances can use. It is one of the indispensable equipments for people to drive their RVs to travel. The RV inverter can also be used to watch TV, operate a microwave, coffee maker, or other larger appliances.
Advantages of RV inverters include:
First, eliminate the need for a second power source, such as a generator.
The second is receptacle-specific and does not require modifications to the RV's electrical system.
Third, it is lightweight and easy to install.
Fourth, it can save you electricity bills.

Does the RV inverter charge the battery?
Yes, when the RV is plugged in, just press the reverse button and the inverter can reverse the inversion process to charge the batteries. The inverter can even charge them during downtime when there is enough solar energy to charge them, thus Restore some batteries to near new condition.
The job is to turn the battery's direct current (DC) output into alternating current (AC), which can then be used to power electronics and appliances in a camper or truck. An inverter is a small device that sits between the RV battery and an electrical outlet. The controller sold by PowMr will monitor the status of the battery and adjust the output intensity accordingly.
An RV inverter is an essential part of powering your RV, and it's important to make sure your RV has the correct inverter installed. If you want to buy an inverter in the PowMr store and are not sure whether you need an inverter, please contact PowMr customer service, PowMr will chat with you patiently and recommend a good inverter to you.

How to use an inverter in an RV?
If you purchased the inverter in the PowMr store, our package has the instruction manual. If it is not clear, please chat with the online customer service. You use a portable inverter and battery, please connect the inverter, battery, and equipment you want to run directly.

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