Several Problems in Installing Photovoltaic Power Plants

if we want to install a household photovoltaic power station, we should consider the following issues:

The first point: the objective environment of the roof

Before installing a photovoltaic power station, we must consider the installation location of the photovoltaic modules and measure the available installation area. Generally speaking, flat roofs are more suitable for installing photovoltaic power plants, sloping roofs, south roofs or east-west facing roofs are also suitable. Moreover, the photovoltaic power station depends on the sky, so the place where the power station is installed must not be blocked by foreign objects, otherwise the sunlight radiation will be insufficient, the power generation will not be enough, and the income will be low.

The second point: personal economic situation At present, the cost of building a photovoltaic power station is 3~4 US dollars per watt. Generally speaking, the larger the installation scale, the greater the income, but the photovoltaic power station is investment income after all, and the payback period is about 3 years. So we have to set aside sufficient funds to meet the needs of life.

The third point: the grid-connected mode photovoltaic power generation is divided into two modes: spontaneous and self-consumption surplus Internet access and full Internet access. Generally speaking, if the electricity consumption is not large, choose the full Internet access mode. If the family has power consumption such as farming For businesses with a large amount of money, you can choose the mode of surfing the Internet with your own surplus. Point 4: Installer Selection

Photovoltaic power generation system mainly includes photovoltaic modules, inverter, various wires and electric meters and other components and equipment. When installing, you must choose regular and quality-assured photovoltaic modules and equipment, and you can contact the local installation team to understand the different Offers and services (of course, must not be greedy for cheap). Especially after-sales service, it is necessary to clearly know the warranty period of photovoltaic modules, the warranty period of photovoltaic inverters and other devices, and the maintenance fees of photovoltaic power plants, so as to avoid the problem of unmanned after-sales service in the later stage.

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