How to Choose Solar Controller for RV? Choose the Right One to Charge More!

How to choose solar controller for RV? Choose the right one to charge more!

This time, I will take you into the world of PowMr controllers, and get to know the solar charge controller known as the "brain of solar off-grid independent power supply system".

What does the controller do?

The solar charge controller is used in the solar off-grid independent power supply system. The intelligent charge controller sold by PowMr can automatically control the multi-channel solar panel to charge the battery. It coordinates the work of the solar panel, the battery and the load, and monitors the charging. Status, tells us the current, voltage and battery condition of the solar panel charging the battery pack on the LCD screen, which can effectively prevent the battery from overcharging, and has the functions of anti-reverse connection and anti-short circuit.
The solar charge controller needs to coordinate the work of solar panels, batteries, and loads to ensure the stable operation of the entire solar off-grid independent power supply system. It is indeed a well-deserved commander.
Of course, different styles of "commanders" have different temperaments, and the controllers are divided into two categories: MPPT controllers and PWM controllers.

What is a PWM controller?

PWM, or pulse width modulation, refers to the use of the digital output of the microprocessor to control the analog circuit, which is a method of digitally encoding the level of the analog signal. Controlling analog circuits digitally can greatly reduce the cost and power consumption of the system.

What is an MPPT controller?

The full name of MPPT solar controller is Maximum Power Point Tracking, or MPPT for short. The maximum power point tracking system is an electrical system that adjusts the working state of the electrical module to enable the solar panel to output more electrical energy, and can effectively store the DC power emitted by the solar panel in the battery. The MPPT controller can detect solar energy in real time. The power generation voltage of the board, and tracks the highest voltage current value (VI), so that the system charges the battery with the maximum power output.
Therefore, the conversion rate of the MPPT controller to the solar panel is relatively high. In the weather with frequent sunshine changes or cloudy weather, it absorbs at least 30% more power than the PWM controller, which is the best controller solution for the power generation efficiency of the current off-grid system.

This is why solar panels with the same power have different charging effects. If the special power supply system for new energy RVs is designed to bring users a safe, efficient and stable RV living experience, based on this, higher requirements are put forward for the MPPT controller used.

PowMr intelligent and efficient MPPT

1. Cutting-edge charging control technology and high-quality components ensure the highest efficiency and stability:
① The advanced dual-wave or multi-peak tracking technology ensures that when the solar power generation has a shadow, the I-V curve maintains the maximum power tracking through multiple peaks, thereby ensuring a charging efficiency of more than 99.9%.
② High-quality components: Each component is controlled according to the highest standards, with long service life, high anti-vibration performance, high charging efficiency, and an external temperature sensor to make charging efficient and healthy.
2. Specially designed for RV, charging safety is guaranteed:
① Strict charging design: Four-step intelligent charging, optimize the charging process according to the battery usage status, automatically correct the charging and discharging parameters, improve the voltage and current accuracy of charging and discharging, and effectively prolong the battery life.
② Specially designed for RVs: The circuit design is in line with the logic of RV living, and the high-precision automatic adjustment of controller charging replaces manual adjustment, with strong anti-bumps.
③ Safety guarantee: Compatible with a variety of batteries, with overcharge, overload, overdischarge, reverse current, anti-reverse polarity, short circuit 6-fold charging protection, bringing you a safe and convenient use experience.
3. User experience is the first, multiple specifications are selected, and remote intelligent control is realized:
①Intelligent control: Support Bluetooth and 4G communication, can read, operate, and set the status information of the controller through the RENOGY APP, realize remote monitoring, simple maintenance, equipped with high-definition LCD display, more convenient to view information and data.
② Optional specifications: 20A/30A/40A/60A/100A, support 12V/24V/48V system.

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