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12v to 220v inverterInverters (sometimes called power inverters) are just a class of electronic devices called power electronics that convert direct current into alternating current. Scientifically speaking, the transformer in an inverter must have a 1:19 turn ratio in order to convert 12V DC to 220V AC. The inverter works by switching back and forth the direction of the DC input very quickly to complete the DC to AC conversion. The result is that the 12V DC input becomes 220V AC output. 

PowMr Store's inverter converts DC power from a 12V battery system to AC power, which can power your home electrical equipment properly and can run a variety of 220V appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and televisions, etc.

How does the inverter work? What is the difference between an inverter and a converter?
An inverter works by increasing the voltage of the DC supply and converting the current from running in only one direction to running in alternate directions, thus inverting it. Simply put, an inverter is an electrical device that converts voltage from direct current to alternating current.
A converter is not the same as an inverter. A converter is an electrical device that converts the supply voltage from AC to DC. Simply put, an RV inverter converts DC to AC power and an RV converter converts AC to DC power.

Do I need a converter or inverter?
This depends on individual needs. If you want to convert DC power to AC power, you can buy an inverter from the PowMr store. If you want to convert DC power to AC power, you can buy a converter at the PowMr store.

How long will the inverter last?
I can tell you clearly that all inverters purchased at PowMr Store have a 2-year warranty, and you can ask questions to our customers if you encounter any problems during use, and we will arrange a specialist engineer to answer them for you. Generally speaking, the working time of the inverter depends on the power consumption of the inverter, the power of the load, and the capacity of the battery. Liban can last about 5 to 10 hours if the battery is fully charged.

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