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Can grid tie inverters be used off-grid?

Yes, you can. The grid tie inverter sold by PowMr can be used off-grid, you can use them as off-grid inverters.

What is the difference between a grid-tie inverter and an off-grid inverter?

A grid tie inverter is to follow the frequency and phase of the grid because it sends energy directly to the grid, which is equivalent to a power source. An off-grid inverter is equivalent to having an independent mini-grid that can play a role in controlling its own voltage, almost like a voltage source. The grid tie inverter cannot store energy, the energy cannot be controlled, and how much power the PV system inputs, the grid tie inverter will deliver to the grid.

Can hybrid inverters work off-grid?

Yes. A hybrid inverter can work without batteries. It combines the functions of a grid-tie inverter and an off-grid inverter, and it is a hybrid inverter that is smarter. In this case, the hybrid inverter can supply power from both solar and utility grids.

Are grid-tie inverters legal in the UK?

Yes, all our inverters sold in the UK are legal and compliant. Grid-tie inverters are subject to the Energy Networks Association G83 standard and are self-shutting when the power is cut off.

Can I connect my batteries to a grid tie inverter?

No. The purpose of a grid-tied inverter is to convert the DC power input from the solar panels. Of course, you can add some components so that the inverter and the batteries can be used together. Batteries are more expensive, so use them with care.

What happens to a grid-tied inverter when the grid is down?

In a grid-tied PV system, if there is a grid outage, the inverter will usually automatically disconnect from the PV system to the grid. The National Electrical Code (NEC) regulations ensure that if there is a grid outage, the grid tie inverter will not supply power either so that the lives of maintenance workers can be ensured.

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