Is It Possible to Install Solar Panels by Myself?


Many people may think that installing the solar system without hiring a solar company or professionals can be cost-effective, because installing the solar system does not require a complex installation, and its principle is easy to comprehend. However, is this practice feasible? In addition, what will be the consequences?

With its many types (2W, 3W, & 4W), solar photovoltaic systems with its different voltages (grid tied, off grid inverter, & hybrid) will likely create risky voltages, live electricity that can harm and cause death to humans when directly contact the voltage. In addition, there are a few technical issues that solar professionals will need to address, such as wind loads, coordination between solar panels and power inverters, and proper installation and commissioning of solar inverters. Additionally, your solar system needs to be installed by professional, licensed and accredited installers in order to qualify for federal and state rebates.

Because of these reasons, we advise you not to install your solar system yourself, rather leave it to a solar professional for safety purposes, to avoid trouble, and to maximize your solar system's stability and efficiency.

In reality, installing the solar system really requires professional installers to be involved, because it isn't just a matter of tightening screws and making connections! Before installation, it is imperative to conduct two studies: a design study and an economic feasibility study. In view of the investment in solar systems, a thorough study is required before proceeding. What will happen to our electric bills when we get the solar system installed, and will we receive payment from the electric utility? Do we save money with the solar system? Are we going to see a return on our investment? Before figuring out where to install a solar system, there are many questions that only a design study can answer.