A parallel system of POW-HVM5.5K-48V-P with 40kWh storage in the Netherlands

Project Details

This project is shared by J B Gernaat in the Netherlands, is a comprehensive initiative comprising three POW-HVM5.5K-48V-P and four POW-LIO48200-15S. These components collectively contribute to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions within the region. Great job!

Product Features

POW-HVM5.5K-48V-P (This item has been discontinued): This 5.5KW inverter offers the flexibility of parallel operation with up to 9 units. It seamlessly integrates with WIFI-HVM-P1, providing enhanced connectivity and ease of use.

POW-LIO48200-15S: With the capability for rapid 100A charging and discharging, this battery is the ideal solution for swift power needs. It's perfect for systems with high and daily power consumption demands.

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