Three POW-HPM5.6K are connected in parallel with a 20kWh storage in Germany

16.8kw solar system with battery storage

Project Details

Introducing a residential three-phase system in Germany, shared by Danieele Dani. This setup consists of two POW-LIO48200-15S units paired with three POW-HPM5.6K inverters, providing efficient energy solutions for household use.

Product Features

POW-HPM5.6K: This 5.6kW hybrid inverter offers parallel operation, accommodating up to six units to create a three-phase system. It seamlessly communicates with POW-LIO48200-15S to automatically optimize battery usage. Additionally, it is compatible with WIFI-HF for enhanced connectivity.

POW-LIO48200-15S: With the capability for rapid 100A charging and discharging, this battery is the ideal solution for swift power needs. It's perfect for systems with high and daily power consumption demands.

how many batteries for my solar system

Determining the requisite number of batteries for your solar system holds utmost importance in facilitating energy storage. Explore the process of calculating the necessary battery quantity for your solar setup and understand the key factors to consider.

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