6.5 kW Solar System for Satellite Network and Dormitory Power Supply in Malaysia remote area

off grid solar system with 6500w energy output

Project Details

This system, installed by Yip Yew Ming, serves as an off-grid energy storage solution in Malaysia. It provides power for the satellite network of a durian farm nestled in a mountainous area and for the dormitory housing the farm workers.

Product Features

POW-HVM6.5K-48V: Features a glass interface for touchscreen operation. Capable of accepting PV input voltages as low as 55V and as high as 450V. With a maximum charging current of up to 130A, Lithium Battery Activation, and Automatic Restart after PV Recovery.

Discover the optimal solar inverter selection process for your off-grid setup. Explore inverter types, sizes, and customizable features tailored to unique conditions such as multiple solar arrays, split phase/three-phase AC output voltage requirements, system scalability, and energy management aligned with electricity tariff plans.

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