Two POW-SunSmart SP5K for split-phase use in house on the island of Dominica

Project Details

This system installed by Conexyner SRL in Dominica, harnesses the power of solar energy with two POW-SunSmart SP5K units operating in parallel for split-phase use. This innovative system boasts a project capacity of 20KWH and an impressive output of 10KW. Located on an island, the solar setup ensures a reliable, sustainable, and independent power source, reducing the reliance on traditional grids and embracing eco-friendly solutions for a resilient and energy-efficient island home.

Product Features

The POW-SUNSMART SP5K enables parallel operation of up to 6 units, offering both 110V and 220V output options to accommodate various scenarios. Additionally, it can be seamlessly connected to a generator and is compatible with WIFI-HF.

what is split phase inverter

Split phase inverters are crucial in North America for handling the common split-phase electrical system, providing 120V and 240V power essential for residential and commercial applications, including renewable energy integration. Dive deeper into this topic by exploring our blog for valuable insights and information on split phase solar energy solutions.

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