110V/220V split-phase 10KW off-grid system for a house

Project Details

Shared by Jesus Manuel Beas Peralta, a resident of Mexico's offshore area, where the power grid is unreliable. This project introduces a tailored solution for residential energy needs in such areas: a 110/220V split-phase 10KW off-grid energy storage system. Equipped with a 10KWH lithium battery, this system provides a reliable source of electricity, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even in regions with inconsistent grid power.

Product Features

POW-SunSmart 10K: This hybrid inverter boasts a 110V/220V split phase configuration, alongside an integrated BMS that facilitates seamless communication with PowMr lithium batteries and automatic activation. It is equipped with 2 built-in MPPT solar charge controllers, each boasting 99.9% efficiency and supporting a maximum PV input current of 22A in a single circuit. Additionally, it features Peak Shaving & Valley Filling functionality.

what is split phase inverter

Dive into the transformative power of split-phase inverters! Unlock a world of efficient energy management and grid resilience. Discover why split-phase technology is a game-changer for renewable energy integration and household power stability.

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