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does a hybrid inverter need charge controller?

Do hybrid inverters need a charge controller?
Many people have asked PowMr's customer service, do I need to buy a charge controller after purchasing a hybrid inverter? In some scenarios, using a hybrid inverter still requires a solar charge controller. Hybrid inverters are more advanced than traditional inverters, but we still recommend solar charge controllers in some cases.
Most residential solar systems use a hybrid inverter with batteries in series, and the solar charge controller can improve the overall efficiency of the hybrid inverter by optimizing the amount of power to the solar panels, although the efficiency of the hybrid inverter can be to 90%. Here, the efficiency of PowMr's hybrid inverter can reach 95%, far ahead of the world level. The charge controller plays a role in regulation, which can protect the battery and household equipment, so as to prevent the battery and equipment from being damaged due to excessive power.
One of the reasons a hybrid inverter needs a charge controller is: to optimize the efficiency of the inverter, protect the inverter from damage, and let the inverter manage itself, and also protect the inverter from overvoltage, overcurrent and the effects of overheating. So what a smart choice to buy a hybrid inverter and solar charge controller.

Does the inverter have a built-in charge controller?
PowMr can clearly tell you that in general, hybrid inverters do not have built-in charge controllers. Of course some brands of inverters come with charge controllers, but they are only suitable for certain types of solar PV systems. If the inverter has a built-in charge controller, it will not only increase in size, but also shorten the service life and easily generate heat.
Since the hybrid inverter sold by PowMr does not have a built-in charge controller (of course there is a built-in charge controller), you need to buy a charge controller separately, so as to ensure the health of the battery and prevent the battery from being over-discharged or over-charged.

Should I buy a hybrid solar inverter?
This is a question that every first-time buyer will have, because many people do not understand the advantages of hybrid solar inverters, what role does it have, and whether it is better than traditional inverters and a series of doubts. Hybrid inverters combine the best features of both types of inverters, are more efficient and smarter than using either type of inverter alone, and are inexpensive and affordable. If you are still in doubt, please contact PowMr's online customer service immediately, we will answer your questions one by one.
We recommend that you buy hybrid inverters at the PowMr store, our company is the number one brand in shipments worldwide. We ship for free and have a two-year warranty. PowMr staff are dedicated to serving customers and providing you with the best products.

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