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Yes, the 5000W power inverter can run an air compressor. You can buy the 5000W inverter from the PowMr store, and you can ask our customer service if you don't understand, our customer service will chat with you patiently and be happy to serve you.

Can I run an air conditioner with a 5000 Watt inverter?
Yes, a 5000 Watt inverter can run an air conditioner. To run a 5000 BTU AC unit you will need a 1500 watt inverter, a 5000W inverter is more than enough, now just make sure the inverter's rated input voltage (Vdc) matches the voltage set by the battery.

What electrical devices will a 3000W inverter run?
It can run most household devices.
Refrigerator: 300 - 800 watts.
Microwave: 1300 - 2000 watts.
Coffee maker: 500 - 1200 watts.
Laptop: 50 - 150 watts.
Ceiling fan: 75 - 120 watts.

How many batteries do I need for a 5000 Watt inverter?
To get the 5000W inverter up and running, you will need at least one 450-500 12V battery or two 210 12V batteries, which will run for 35-50 minutes for 5000W of power.

Can I charge the batteries while using the inverter?
Yes, this is the case with solar panel systems and inverters can also charge car batteries. Most home inverters are rated for 12-volt batteries and have a 13-14 volt charging circuit that will charge the batteries.

Can I keep the inverter on all the time?
Yes, if you want to run the device all the time, you need to keep the inverter on all the time, which ensures that a constant AC power supply is available. While camping, if you want to charge your laptop and cell phone, you need to turn on the inverter's so that they will not damage other devices such as laptops and cell phones.

Will the inverter work in reverse?
An inverter converts DC power to AC power, not AC power to DC power
The converter converts AC voltage to DC voltage or 110V to 12V in RV. the inverter converts DC voltage to AC voltage or 12V to 110V in RV. both convert voltage but in opposite directions. Well, full disclosure, neither the converter nor the inverter will turn into a car, airplane, or robot.

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