How Does Solar PV System Net Metering Work?

Net Metering is one of the dominant arrangements the electricity company dealing us in billing when we install our new solar photovoltaic system. Under this arrangement, the electricity generated from the solar inverters and the solar photovoltaic system will go to feed our home (electrical loads) at first, and then the additional excess generated electricity which is not required by our home electrical appliances/loads will be exported to the power grid. When we reduce or eliminate our need to grid electricity, our electricity bill will be reduced dramatically, as we no longer need to purchase more electricity from the grid to feed our loads, moreover, we shall be able to export more electricity to the grid and getting money from the electricity company accordingly. Also, as the electricity tariff trend is increasing over coming years, that making such saving on electricity consumption in our home will much increase our benefits with the increase of electricity prices.

Saving electricity can be achieved in our homes without paying any money, just following some simple and proficient attitudes and habits like the following:

  1. Turn your refrigerator and freezer Fahrenheit setting down, so you they consume less electricity.
  2. Use the energy efficient light lamps (LED bulbs).
  3. Replace and clean filters of your air conditioner. Do this as aperiodic action.
  4. Switch off your appliances, lights, and electronics when you do not use them.
  5. When using washing machines, use cold water instead of hot water.

And there are many other attitudes that will increase electricity saving if we follow them.

Net Metering techniques work based on continuous sampling the amount of electricity generated by the solar photovoltaic system, and the amount of electricity consumed by our home electrical loads. The meter will measure and register both generated and consumed electricity, then these measurements are handled by appropriate register in a billing cycle and a final bill will be produced by the electricity company to the customer.

Actually for the time being, the high government sponsored feed in tariff has already been stopped and is no longer available anymore for the new customers, it is only the Net Metering technique that is used for new installed solar system.

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