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do i need a solar charge controller
Under normal circumstances, you need a solar charge controller. But if you don't know if you need it, you can consult PowMr's customer service online, and the engineer will provide you with professional knowledge. A solar charge controller is a device that controls the flow of electricity from the solar panel to the battery pack and is a device that helps manage and monitor solar charging.
The PowMr store can provide you with a good solar charge controller with features that also allow you to help control the situation by monitoring and adjusting the amount of power sent to the battery pack when you are not using grid energy, and also to avoid overcharging, overdischarging your equipment and undercharging, it also prevents the device from overloading and draining the battery excessively, helping to prolong the life of the device. So PowMr solar charge controller is worth buying.
Buying the best solar charger depends on what type of device you are using, some require high current chargers and some require low current chargers. The types of devices that solar charge controllers can run on include smartphones, tablets, cameras, and laptops. If you are not sure which type of solar charger to buy, please consult PowMr online customer service.

Can I charge the battery without a solar controller?
Typically, batteries cannot be plugged directly into the solar panel itself. Because it is directly inserted into the solar panel, it may damage the solar controller and the battery, and shorten the service life of the battery. But you know the output voltage and current of the solar system, and you know the power rating of the battery, so you can just plug it in. Be sure to follow all safety guidelines before use to avoid any accidents.
Today, people rely on electrical appliances such as lights, fans and telephones. A common problem people face is that these appliances usually consume more power when not in use. If you are not using a solar controller and your battery is not charging, then you can charge the battery directly using the solar panel. However, this will not be as effective as using a solar controller.

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