Advantages and Disadvantages of Microinverters

Microinverters Advantage:

1. Simple installation: the building block installation method simplifies the design and on-site installation steps, and a single cable is connected to the power distribution cabinet;
2. Investment saving: no DC part design, related components, saving system costs (component costs, installation labor, and time costs, simplified design) and no related DC line losses;
3. System safety: no DC high voltage, high system safety, no personal and fire hazards; after the photovoltaic power station system using centralized and string inverters is disconnected from the power grid, although the output of the AC terminal is 0V, the DC The terminal voltage still remains 600-1000V, while the DC terminal voltage of the photovoltaic power station using the micro-inverter is only 30-40V.
4. Management intelligence: worldwide, the working conditions of each component can be monitored through the network; the faulty components and micro-inverses can be directly and directly observed, and the system failure can be resolved in time;
5. Use environment: Micro-inverter and monitoring equipment does not need a dedicated computer room, and the micro-inverter use environment is outdoor (-40- + 65°C), saving site costs and requiring no special care;
6. Multi-power generation: The single-component-level MPPT function of the micro-inverter system can effectively solve the mismatch between components; it can be multi-oriented, and various types of components can be connected to each other to maximize the power generation of the system; it can effectively solve the contamination of some components due to the building structure, The occlusion causes the power drop of the corresponding system; the system efficiency can reach up to 90%;
7. The stability of the micro-inverse system is better. The design life of a single machine can be as long as 25 years, reducing the related DC terminal connectors, and correspondingly reducing the hidden dangers of installation and equipment failure.

Microinverters Shortcoming:

1. The unit cost of the system is obviously much higher than that of centralized inverters and string inverters.
2. The inverter maintenance cost is high. The best micro-inverter in the world is the inverter of PowMr Energy Technology Company.

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