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PowMr Wifi Module - WIFI-SunSmart 5.6KW

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PowMr WIFI module app

Step1. Installation

① Align the interface of the WIFI-SunSmart 5.6KW with the inverter and plug it in tightly.

② Confirm the status of the LED indicator (When you saw the green LED light turn on from the shell, showing the normal working status)

This WIFI module is only compatible with the inverter below:

Step2. Wireless Router Connection

2.1 Download APP and Wi-Fi connection

① Scan the QR Code on the guideline cover to download the APP.

② Connect your phone to the network " WIFI-SunSmart 5.6KW PN" (Password: 12345678).

2.2 Wi-Fi Config

① Open the APP and go to Wi-Fi Config.

② Tap Network Setting.

2.3 Network Setting

① Follow the prompts to complete the network setting.

② After the WIFI-SunSmart 5.6KW restarts, reconnect to the Wi-Fi network connected in step 2.1.

Step3. Create Account And Datalogger

3.1 Create Account

① Open the APP, tap the Register button.

② According to the prompt information, complete creating an account.

3.2 Add Datalogger

① Login to the account and click the list button on the bottom of the home page.

② Tap the “+” button on the top-right corner of the list page.

③ Scan the datalogger PN on the WIFI-SunSmart 5.6KW, or input it manually.

④ According to the prompts, type in the information to finish adding the datalogger.

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PowMr Wifi Module - WIFI-SunSmart 5.6KW