PowMr Wifi Module - WIFI-HVM-P2

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PowMr WIFI module app

Step1. Installation

① Align the interface of the Wi-Fi PlugII with the inverter and plug it in tightly.
② Confirm the status of the LED indicator (After step2.3, when 4 LED light keep in, showing the normal working status).
1. This WIFI module is only compatible with the inverter below:

2. Please do not place the wifi module directly on the inverter to avoid inverference.

Step2. Wireless Router Connection

2.1 Download APP and Wi-Fi connection

① Scan the QR Code on the guideline cover to download the APP.

② Connect your phone to the network "Wi-Fi PlugII PN" (Password: 12345678).

2.2 Wi-Fi Config

① Open the APP and go to Wi-Fi Config.

② Tap Network Setting.

2.3 Network Setting

① Follow the prompts to complete the network setting.

② After the Wi-Fi PlugII restarts, reconnect to the Wi-Fi network connected in step 2.1.

Step3. Create Account And Datalogger

3.1 Create Account

① Open the APP, tap the Register button.

② According to the prompt information, complete creating an account.

3.2 Add Datalogger

① Login to the account and click the list button on the bottom of the home page.

② Tap the “+” button on the top-right corner of the list page.

③ Scan the datalogger PN on the Wi-Fi PlugII, or input it manually.

④ According to the prompts, type in the information to finish adding the datalogger.

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