11.2KW off-grid system with 10KWH energy storage in Germany

1120w solar energy storage system

Project Details

Introducing the off-grid solution for sustainable home energy in Germany, shared by Daniele Dani: a residential system comprising two Pow-HPM5.6 inverters paired with a single 48V 200Ah battery, delivering a robust 11.2 kW of power capacity and 10 kWh of energy storage.

Product Features

POW-HPM5.6K: This 5.6kW hybrid inverter offers parallel operation, accommodating up to six units to create a three-phase system. It seamlessly communicates with POW-LIO48200-15S to automatically optimize battery usage. Additionally, it is compatible with WIFI-HF for enhanced connectivity.

POW-LIO48200-15S: With the capability for rapid 100A charging and discharging, this battery is the ideal solution for swift power needs. It's perfect for systems with high and daily power consumption demands.

connect inverters in parallel

Discover the advantages of parallel inverters, including increased power output capacity and efficiency when connecting hybrid inverters to your solar power system.

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