16.8kW System with 400Ah Energy Storage Designed by Daniele Dani

20kwh battery backup system

Project Details

Daniele Dani, our old friend from Germany, has designed a 16.8kW energy system featuring 3 x HPM5.6kW inverters, 12kW of 430W bifacial panels, and the POW-LIO51400-16s 400Ah battery system. The HPM5.6kW inverters perform exceptionally well in SBU and SNU modes. Since its installation in May last year, the system has operated without issues. Dani also updated the battery firmware, further improving performance. This project showcases Dani's expertise in renewable energy solutions.

Product Features

POW-LIO51400-16S: Modular design LiFePO4 battery, each battery boasts a 5kWh capacity, with parallel communication support for up to 16 batteries, expanding total capacity to 30kWh. Its highly compact structure not only saves space but also enhances visual appeal.

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