PowMr 3000W Solar Inverter in Alabama, USA

Project Details

Meet Gavin Rogers, an environmentally-conscious resident of Alabama, USA, who embarked on a sustainable energy journey by adopting the PowMr 110Vac 24Vdc 3000w hybrid inverter. His visionary approach integrates a robust 3000w hybrid system, harmonizing PV, utility, and battery sources. With a setup of two 12v 100ah batteries in series, totaling 24v 100ah, Gavin embraces sustainability while fortifying his energy resilience in the face of power outages.

Product Features

POW-LVM3K-24V-H: This 3KW hybrid inverter integrates a 40A mains charger, an 80A MPPT solar charge controller, and a unique mix charging capability. With adjustable charging currents and power source priority, it's an upgraded version of the POW-LVM3K-24V, featuring increased PV input from 100V to 500V and a start voltage of 120V, ensuring enhanced reliability.

what can a 3000w inverter run

Explore tips for a 3kW solar inverter setup, including the ideal number of batteries and solar panels for efficient operation. Discover the versatile capabilities of a 3kW inverter in different solar configurations.

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