20kW Solar System Installation in the US: Maximizing Savings

20kw split phase solar power system

Project Details

Marc-Audra Wigal has installed two 10kW SunSmart inverters from PowMr in his solar power setup in the USA. He notes that while these inverters help save on energy costs, a grid-tied inverter could offer more savings by feeding excess power back into the grid, earning credits to offset nighttime electricity use.

Product Features

POW-SunSmart 10K: 220V/240V split phase hybrid inverter with dual 200A solar charge controllers, seamlessly facilitating bidirectional AC/DC conversion. With customizable power source priorities and a time-slot function for optimized time-of-use management, ensuring optimal performance and cost savings.

what is peak shaving inverter mode

Unlock the potential of peak shaving in solar systems! Discover how time-of-use pricing and strategic energy use can save you money and reduce grid stress. Explore best practices, including options for self-consumption with zero-export and utilizing surplus energy. Read our blog post to maximize your energy efficiency.

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