150kWh Energy Storage System for Apartment Use in Haiti

150kwh battery storage for apartment

Project Details

Josue Sylvain, PowMr's agent in Haiti, has successfully installed a robust solar energy system for a client's apartment. The setup includes two POW-Sunsmart LV12K inverters paired with fifteen POW-LIO51200-150A batteries, providing reliable and efficient energy storage. This installation demonstrates Josue's expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality renewable energy solutions in Haiti.

Product Features

POW-Sunsmart LV12K: The POW-Sunsmart LV12K is UL certified for safety and IEEE certified for grid connection. It offers a 10kW output power with adjustable voltage settings (120V/208V/240V). The system supports maximum AC and hybrid charging currents of 200A, with a PV input power of 12kW and a maximum PV input voltage of 600Vdc. It features built-in WiFi for remote monitoring and management, and allows for scalability with the ability to connect up to 6 units in parallel.

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