What Will a 45 Watt Solar Panel Run?

what will a 45w solar panel run

When you get a 45 watt solar panel, then what can you need to use it to run. You need to know all information before buying a 45 watt solar panel. It is not the 15-watt stage, or you don’t need a 100-watt solar panel but searching for something efficient. The nice thing about this situation is that you can select a 45-watt solar panel. You can take a look at this solar panel at how much energy it produces. It will help you to understand what this solar panel will be able to do for you.

At the same time, there are still some others things you need to take into consideration. For example, how much money will it take, and what are the benefits? In this post, we reveal significant things about this effective solar panel. Now, let us start to explore what will a 45 watt solar panel run. 

How Big Is A 45-Watt Solar Panel?

It depends on the manufacturer and design of the solar panel. Different manufacturers produce diverse shapes and designs. You need to consider the efficiency and include solar cells along with the size. The size is only a matter related to external shape.

A 45-watt solar panel is an ideal choice for those who want to start their solar power journey. Consumers get opportunities to explore solar energy with this efficient solar panel. If you have prior experience using home solar panels, you might have ideas about a 100-watt solar panel size. But, as a new user of this technology, you can explore the size of a 45-watt solar panel to understand how much space it will take.

The portable feature of this solar panel enables you to get instant power wherever you want. The design is lightweight, and manufacturers concentrate on the perfect design for consumers. This solar panel can be used to connect several devices outdoors because of its compact size. So, portability is the convenient feature of a solar panel that enables you to access power in different places.

Furthermore, if you think your home space should be utilized for other purposes, you can select this solar panel. We hope you understand the benefits and convenient usage of a 45-watt solar panel. 

What Can You Run With A 45-Watt Solar Panel?

Now, we present the lesson that will guide you to understand the usage of a 45-watt solar panel. We include the most significant applications of this solar panel.

You can compare your needs and organize the operation while using this solar panel. The best usage of 45-watt solar panels are below:

  • 12V battery charging
  • Trolling motor, smartphone, fish finder, GPS, car, RV, lawnmower, ATV
  • Camp lighting, power bank, solar fountain

The solar panel that contains power under 100-watt is ideal for charging a 12V battery. Powering a battery and keeping it alive is hard to do when you are not using the vehicle or battery.

This portable solar panel offers instant charging with solar panels from the sunlight. You don’t have to worry about grid connectivity.  Besides, trolling motor charging is now easier than before when using a 45-watt solar panel. You will get unlimited energy under the sun.

Your smartphone will never die due to a low battery. Connecting with a converter, you can charge the device during the day in any place in the world.  This panel also offers many convenient features with the car. You can charge the battery, run a solar car heater or exhaust fan with this solar panel.

All you need to do is to find the best solar panel for RV is hard because of the design and size. RV contains several small devices that need power when demanding service from this recreational vehicle. At the same time, campers search for portable solar panels to light up the tent in a remote place. This solar panel can run LEDs at night with battery connectivity.

Benefits Of A 45-Watt Solar Panel

In between the user-friendly interface and portability, there are more benefits that you will get from a 45-watt solar panel.

The integrated charge controller allows you to connect multiple devices without worrying about additional power sources. You can convert the power conveniently without spending too much time. This feature works with the plug and plays activity.

It is a weather-resistant solar panel, and you can continue the operation even on a rainy day. This solar panel works in hot and humid environments.

In addition, high-quality protecting layers save the surface from the saltwater spray. Another important feature is its lightweight model. You have noticed that the size is very small, and it makes a 45-watt solar panel easier to carry. We describe the efficiency of a high-quality 45-watt solar panel that comes with 36 cells.

And plus, if you pre-planned to use a portable generator for getting additional power, you can replace the idea with a 45-watt solar panel. That should be an excellent choice for generating instant power. At the same time, you can use both the generator and power storage with this standard solar panel.

Speaking of the advantages of small solar panels, even if they are small, efficient, and portable device is its price. You don’t have to pay more for a 100w solar panel and save more when using a portable solar panel.


From what we mentioned above, you have to know the answer to what runs a 45-watt solar panel. Of course, you need to consider the user experience of solar energy. And plus, you had better buy high quality solar panels from branded solar manufacturers so that you can use them for a long time. At the same time, it can help you to save much money and repair time. 

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