How to Clean Solar Panels?

If you have installed the solar panel, then you need to clean them regularly to keep them working at the highest effiency. Then do you know how to clean them? In fact, there are some tips for you ned to know. Regular clean solar panels will make it more efficient and enhance its service duration.  If you are a homeowner with solar energy, then you might search for how to clean solar panels.

Your solar system will produce less power if your panels are covered with dirt, dust, or garbage. It will perish the expectation that you desired from the solar system. To make your solar panels active and useful, you should clean them after a certain period.

Here, in this post, i will get the basic idea of solar panel cleaning and understand the need for solar panel cleaning. This writing will also explain solar panel cleaning, maintenance, and upkeeping procedures.

At last, you will have complete knowledge of solar panel cleaning with the answer to some FAQs. Cleaning your solar panels will keep the system trouble-free and increase its lifetime.  As you clean your cars or home appliances to protect them from dirt and dust, in the same way, you have to clean your solar panels

A solar panel can be untidy by dust, dirt, leaves, or other things. This dirt can prohibit sunlight on the solar panels. With a frequent cleaning exercise, you can get sufficient energy from the system. Otherwise, the system will produce less energy than its capacity. Let’s explore more.

Does Cleaning Solar Panels Necessary? How Often?

Of course, cleaning your solar panels is necessary, but not often. It requires only in the time of uncleanliness.

On the condition that you installed a residential solar system, then the system is on the rooftop of your house. You might never clean your rooftop, and you don’t think that it is a necessary exercise.  But you have to clean solar panels in case of any dirt and grime. Rain can clean the panels, but it won’t remove dust and pollen. You have to wash the pollen or other dust with approved detergent and tools.

Perfect cleaning practices will maintain the energy production of the solar system. It will help the panel to get enough sunlight during the daytime.

Understand The Need To Clean The Solar Panels?

You had better clean your solar panels because they can get dirt from different types of garbage. An unclean solar panel will produce less energy, and it will affect the whole energy production process.

Solar panels absorb sunlight from the sun and convert it into electrical energy. So, the surface of the solar panels should be cleaned to get sufficient sunlight. On the other hand, solar panels can produce up to 20% of electricity, and it is the most efficient production rate. But, if your solar panels are filled with dust, then the production rate will decrease to 15%.

It will bother you to operate all the home appliances with less energy. A clean surface will absorb more sunlight and produce more electricity. It will make the system energy proficient and provide hassle-free service for a long time.

Similarly, solar panels have 25 years of warranty, and if you don’t clean the panels for a long time, it won’t be easy to get service for this long duration. Try to compare your solar panels with other appliances, or devices, that require cleaning. In the same way, solar panels need cleaning and maintenance.

However, a solar system gets power from the sun through solar panels. It is necessary to clean the solar panel to remove unwanted dust from the surface.

Is It Worth It To Clean Solar Panels?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, if your solar panels are getting dirt regularly, there is not enough rain to clean them.  No, if your solar panels are installed on an angle where rain can clean it.

Solar panels can be untidy in case of dust, pollen, or other things, but rain can clean them automatically.

How to Clean Solar Panels

Several solar companies are ready to clean your solar panels for a specific fee. You can consult with a solar system company to get a complete cleaning package for the installation.  Besides, you can hire them to clean your solar panels when required. You can pick a monthly, half-yearly, yearly, or instant cleaning package from them.

But the truth is, solar companies charge a steep amount, and you will get nothing in comparing the service fee and energy production rate. So, the possibility of investment return is very low. On the contrary, if you want to do it yourself, you need all the equipment and tools to do it at home. But it is not difficult. 

In general, a hose, some detergent or soap, and a soft surface cleaning brush are enough to clean solar panels. You are providing water with the hose that rain can provide on the area.

Experts recommend inspecting solar panels before cleaning to avoid unwanted situations or damage. Similarly, you can find the dirt, pollen, debris and set the work plan. So, it is up to you which process you will follow to clean your solar panels. 

Always try to clean solar panels gently to avoid any damage and loss.

How Often Should I Clean the Solar Panels?

It is better to clean your solar panels periodically and decide the cleaning time. How often you clean your solar panels depends on the place and weather. You can do an annual or half-yearly cleaning compared to the weather and the amount of dust. Hazardous weather can bring dirt to the surface of the solar panels.

You need to find the time to clean your solar panel by monitoring the energy production ratio. If you notice that the system generates less power than before, you have to clean it properly. 

Make sure that other equipment of the system is working fine. Don’t clean solar panels unnecessarily.  The half-yearly cleaning schedule can be a wise decision because it will allow you to clean your solar panels after six months and two times within a year.


Therefore, try the best cleaning method to keep your solar panels active.

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