How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

After you buy the 60w solar panel, then you must want to know how long do solar panels can last. After all, they are not that cheap for almost everyone. In this post, i would like to tell you how long do solar panels last. Please read carefully.

The Life Expectancy of Solar Panels

By and large, solar panels last roughly 25-30 years. Yet, this doesn't mean your home solar system will quit creating energy when it arrives at that timetable. Your solar system will keep on working, however your boards' power creation never again will be ensured by the producer. So it's vital to comprehend debasement rates and industry projections.

What Is the Yearly Solar Panel Degradation Rate?

Through use, all items will lose execution, and solar energy systems are no exemption. Nonetheless, solar energy systems have an exceptionally low corruption rate all through their life expectancy. They will keep on creating energy as long as they are not gouged or scratched from garbage or different variables. Solar energy systems have no moving parts, so they rarely break and are normally just harmed by outside powers like extreme climate.

A few premium solar panels have a corruption pace of around 0.3% each year, while others have a higher debasement pace of 0.8% each year. That is a normal of around 0.5% each year. This intends that assuming you get a standard solar panel with a guarantee of 30 years at 0.5% debasement, your solar panel system ought to in any case be working at 85% of its unique ideal limit when the guarantee runs out. The solar panels that Powmr purposes ensure that your solar panels will work basically at 85% percent of their unique limit following 25 years.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Solar Panels


Although they look sleek, modern and delicate, most solar systems are actually super durable. They are designed and built to withstand rain, wind, high and low temperatures, humidity and even hail. There is very little maintenance needed to keep a home solar system working at capacity.

You’ll want to keep your solar energy system free from leaves, pollen, dirt, dust, falling branches and bird droppings if possible. This will enable them to generate the highest amount of electricity possible. Often, the wind and rain will take care of removing debris from your for you, but if needed, you can easily rinse your solar panels from the ground with plain water. Just use a hose to spray off your solar panels.

If you are worried about solar panels and snow, in most cases, wind or sunshine will take care of excess snow on your solar panels.


A battery backup allows you to store the excess energy produced by your solar system for later use during a power outage or at night.

POWMR SOLAR partnered with Generac to provide quality solar panel battery backups so your home should keep running whenever your panels aren’t producing.


Regular inspection of your solar energy system can reveal potential issues like loose racking, exposed wires and an aging or failing solar inverter. Make sure a professional performs the check-up because you can void your panel warranty if you end up scratching or otherwise damaging the panels on your roof.

Power Your Home for Decades with a Solar System

Now, you can start to add solar after you know how long solar energy can last from what we mentioned above.. If you still have any questions, please leave us a review and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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