Can Solar Panels Power a Whole House?

An increasing number of people use the solar panels to offer electricity for that homes. Different people use them for different purposes. In general, solar panels bring much convenience to their life. As a homeowner, there are many questions you want to know when you use solar panels, here, in this post, I would like to tell you a 80w solar panel power a whole house. 

At the same time, a solar-powered house will be the thing you can consider later.

Before our exploration, I just want to ask some questions about today's topic: How much electricity is needed in a house on average? Can I run a whole house on solar power? What is a Powerwall? How to run your whole house on solar power? Does it cost to run the whole house on solar power? Let’s explore more.

How Much Electricity Is Needed in a House on Average?

Now you can find that home appliance are an inevitable part of our life and house. Modern homes are loaded with several useful devices. With electricity, a person can easily run all the appliances and enjoy the blessing of electric energy. The amount of electricity it takes to run a home depends on the number of electrical appliances, running time, temperature, and so on.  Similarly, the power consumption varies on different matters. For example, if the size of the house is big and there are more people to live with, then the electricity consumption will be high.  However, the house needs more power according to the category and type of home appliances. It also relies on running time and using habits. The house will consume a little bit of extra energy if it has a pool, air conditioner, heater, spa, or other energy-hungry devices.  If we make a draft on the energy consumption of a house, then it will be easier to understand. A 100-watt bulb would use 1kWh in 10 hours. In the same way, 2kWh is needed to run an electric oven for 1 hour and 0.70 kWh to run a crock-pot for 7 hours.

Can I Run a Whole House on Solar Power?

It is a big dream for homeowners to run the entire house with solar power. Because it is cost-effective and environment friendly along with permanent electricity. It is pertinent for now and ever in this modern world. 

Also, it is a money saver project, and it keeps you away from the electricity company. As a result, many people want to establish an off-grid solar system to reduce electricity costs. 

But, is it possible to run a house entirely on solar power? It is not possible only with a solar system. Except for solar panels, you need additional batteries for energy backup. You can get 60% of the energy from the solar panels directly. 

So, it will be possible to run a complete home with solar energy when you add an energy backup system to the house. 

Having a battery is a great option when you want to power your house completely with solar as it makes sure that it will reserve extra energy for the night. You can use this battery backup during the night and cloudy days in case of a sunlight shortage. 

So, you can run an entire house with solar energy when you have additional batteries for energy reservation. It will reduce electricity costs and fulfill your dream to establish an off-grid solar power system. 

Generally, an average home requires 4500-5000 kWh of electricity for a year. But energy consumption depends on the number of home appliances and devices. 

How to Run Your Whole House on Solar Power?

First of all, you have to estimate the power that the house needs. After that, you can buy a complete solar system to run the entire house on solar power. 

You should follow some energy savings techniques to make the project successful. Some easy steps will provide you with extra energy. 

The most common process for running an entire house on solar energy is to set up a powerful battery for energy backup.

Powerwall or other energy storage systems can ensure solar power day and night. It can help you establish an off-grid power system for all the home appliances and other devices such as pools, heaters, etc. 

On the flip side, you can choose to use some solar-powered home appliances to reduce the dependence on the main solar grid. Solar powered-chargers, pool heaters, power banks may be a great solution.  

If you still don't know how to run your whole house on solar power, or you have any doubts about them, you can leave messages to us below, and our engineer will reply to you as soon as posiible. 

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