6.2 kW solar system with 10 kWh energy storage in Hamburg, Germany

6200w inverter with solar panels and lithium battery

Project Details

Thanks to Oliver Trenker for sharing his impressive rooftop solar system with us. This well-designed setup includes 8 high-efficiency 410W panels and a robust POW-HVM6.2M-48V-N inverter. Additionally, it is equipped with a powerful 48V 200Ah battery, ensuring ample energy storage and reliable performance. Oliver's system exemplifies the benefits of renewable energy and showcases an excellent integration of solar technology.

Product Features

POW-HVM6.2M-48V-N:The upgraded iteration of POW-HVM6.2M-48V. Supports a maximum PV input of 23A, capable of accommodating 6500W solar panels. Compatible with WIFI-VM.

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