60kWh Energy Storage System in Hungary

60kwh battery energy storage system

Project Details

Thanks to Tamas Strezeneczki for sharing a pioneering home energy project with us in Hungary. The project reconfigures 3pcs POW-LIO51400-16S into 2 * 600Ah energy storage systems, paired with Growatt inverters. This tailored solution is perfect for small-scale household needs, offering enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Product Features

POW-LIO51400-16S: The 51.2V stacked lithium battery features high-safety, long-life lithium iron phosphate cells with over 6000 cycles, 100A continuous discharge, and a broad temperature range. Each 5 KWH module supports 2-6 units in a stack, allowing for quick, under 30-minute installations thanks to its Lego-like design.


Maximize your solar energy system's potential with our detailed breakdown of Battery Management Systems (BMS). Learn how BMS safeguards your batteries, oversees performance, and seamlessly interfaces with your inverter. Explore the advanced features of the PowMr POW-LIO51400-16S Stackable LiFePO4 Battery, including its compatibility with a wide range of mainstream inverter brands.

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