5000W Off Grid System Built by Josh Hobson in Oklahoma City, USA

5000w protable off grid solar energy storage system

Project Details

Josh Hobson of Oklahoma City DIYed a 5000W off-grid energy storage system with a PowMr 5kW inverter, with future plans for integrating 4500W of solar capacity to create a comprehensive portable energy solution.

Key components include a PowMr 5000W all-in-one inverter, a 51.2V server rack battery on a dolly for mobility, a 200amp double pull breaker between the battery and inverter, 10 AWG 15amp extension cord for AC input, 8 AWG THHN wire for power distribution, and a 50-amp main shut-off with 16-amp and 20-amp breakers for outlets.

Product Features

POW-LVM5K-48V-N: A 110V all-in-one inverter with grid backup input and dual MPPT, capable of communicating with batteries and suitable for low voltage areas like the U.S. It features a 10ms rapid switching time, compatibility with 48V lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, and supports user customization. The photovoltaic charging current can reach up to 80A, while the maximum AC charging current is 40A. It also has a wide voltage range of 120~450Vdc for PV input.

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